WATCH: Biden-Voter Sitting In His Car Spits On Flag-Waving Trump Supporter On Sidewalk — INSTANT Karma

Written by Wes Walker on November 16, 2020

We’ve come a loooong way from those ‘love Trumps hate’ and ‘they go low, we go high’ days, haven’t we? Biden voter’s rage gets the best of him, and it costs him.

When leftists protest, shout, chant, wave flags, and do everything they can to be absolutely insufferable to anyone who might disagree with them, we’re expected to accept that as reasonable expressions of free speech.

But when a Trump supporter is holding up a flag showing his political colors, that’s an invitation to abuse, right?

Gee, that seems fair.

With the contested election results still before the courts and facing recounts, there’s a lot up in the air. Trump supporters have every right to show they still back the President in his battle.

And many have been doing just that.

With peaceful marches.

But some authoritarian leftists can’t handle that someone publicly disagrees with them. This Biden voter, for example, is in a car. He could have just ignored the guy with the Trump flag and kept driving.

But he just couldn’t help himself.

What followed was a testy exchange that really cost him.

A buddy of mine used to say that if it hurt to be stupid, maybe we’d see less of it?

In this case, it might not have hurt the Biden voter, but it sure as hell hurt his wallet.

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