Bill Maher Has A Message For Democrats — Drop The ‘Hypersensitive Woke B.S.’ It’s Driving People To The GOP

Written by K. Walker on November 16, 2020

He’s not always right, but he’s spot on this time.

Comedian Bill Maher who is known for his leftwing views seems to be frustrated with the Democratic Party after the “blue wave” failed to materialize on Election night. He said that Democrats are shooting themselves in the foot with their embracing of the “woke” B.S. and it’s costing them at the ballot box.

Commentator Bill Maher has accused Democrats of attempting to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, saying the party’s ‘hypersensitive, woke BS’ is to blame for disappointing House and Senate results in the recent election.

Check out his 8-minute rant (full transcript follows):


MAHER: With two Senate seats in Georgia still possible, seats that will make the difference between gridlock and progress, Democrats must figure out why so many voters still say to them, “You’re good enough, you’re smart enough, but doggone it, we don’t like you.” Under the headline, “Something Went Wrong,” the New York Times described a post-election conference call between Democratic leaders where they wept, cursed, and traded blame. Wait, I thought we won this one! Which we did we did and yes, ding dong the whiny little b*tch is dead. Celebration is in order. We took a big step toward saving democracy and, in the process, lost 280 pounds of ugly fat. All right, that’s my last fat joke about Trump for the next five minutes. But Democrats were supposed to flip the Senate and didn’t, supposed to flip state legislatures — not a one, and they lost seats in the House. In a year that was so much about making people aware of racism, their share of minority votes went down. The message to Democrats from so much of the country seems to be, “We don’t like Trump but we still can’t bring ourselves to vote for you.”

If crackerjack was made of popcorn and dog sh*t and half the people threw out the popcorn, popcorn should want to know why. Liberals can either write off half the country as irredeemable or they can ask what is it about a “D” next to a candidate’s name that makes it so toxic. Let’s ask Ruben Gallego, he’s a Congressman from Arizona and he was asked how his Democrats could do a better job connecting to Latinos. He said, “First, start by not using the term “Latinx” which the vast majority of Latinos have never heard of, and when they do, don’t like it.” Who likes it? Pandering white politicians who mistake Twitter for real people and don’t get it that “Latinx” is like “fetch” — you can try to make it happen but it’s never gonna.
Virginia Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger said after the election, “If we are classifying Tuesday as a success, we will get f*cking torn apart in 2022. That’s a Congresswoman. She was urging members not to talk about defunding the police. James Clyburn agreed. “Defund the police is killing our party,” he said. Pennsylvania Democrat, Conor Lamb,  says Democratic rhetoric “needs to be dialed back it needs to be rooted in common sense.”
Thank you! Thank you!
There, in my opinion, is the crux of the problem — Democrats too often don’t come across as having common sense to a huge swath of Americans and these are people who believe in Q-Anon. But, as I’ve said before, politics in this country is binary. You have to wear everything anyone on your side does. Republicans are the party of don’t wear masks, kids in cages, lock her up, and Democrats are the party of every hypersensitive, social justice warrior, “woke” bullsh*t story in the news. They’re the party that disappears people, or tries to make them apologize for ridiculous things.
Anne Hathaway apologized last week because in her new movie she plays a witch — a fictional character that has three claw-like fingers and that’s offensive to “people with limb differences.”
The week before, the NHL’s Arizona Coyotes dropped a player after it came out in the press that when he was in Eighth Grade, he bullied a disabled kid. Yes, that’s a bad thing to do, but are we really going after people for what they did in middle school now? Democrats already lost seats for going after what Brett Kavanaugh did in high school. Common sense.
Last year I read about how NBC held an emergency meeting to determine if Mario Lopez should be fired from his job at Access Hollywood. I thought, “Holy sh*t! Did he sexually assault somebody?” No, he went on a podcast and when the host brought up the trend of liberal parents letting toddlers pick their gender identity, he said “My God if you’re three years old and you’re saying you think you’re a boy or a girl… I just think it’s dangerous as a parent to make that determination.” Cue the groveling apology followed by America saying, “Uh yeah, I think Mario’s right. Maybe kids shouldn’t make big life decisions while you still need to make choo-choo noises to get the food in their mouth.”
I can do this all day — cite stories big and small that are endlessly on people’s news feeds that add up to a constant drip, drip. drip, of “these people are nuts.” Everybody heard about that story out of San Francisco about a guy who got on a crowded elevator with a female professor and when she asked what floor he said, “Women’s lingerie” — you know, a little joke for which he earned a formal complaint because it left her “shaken.” Shaken?! Who are these jellyfish?
Like the woman who almost derailed Biden’s campaign because he kissed the back of her head before she went out to make a speech. She said her brain couldn’t process what was happening. Really? Your brain couldn’t process that like string theory or wormholes? An old man was trying to show support in his old-man-way. She said she was embarrassed, shocked, confused. Well then, the outside world isn’t for you. And certainly running the world isn’t.
I talked to a guy in the midwest once who told me this story about the day he went out to get his car in the supermarket parking lot but couldn’t back out because a mother and her very young daughter were standing behind his car — which was next to their car — which had a Hillary bumper sticker on it. And the little girl was screaming at her mother who was profusely apologizing to the child. And he said to me, “I just can’t let people like that take over this country.” That’s what people vote on,  not policy.
Democrats kept saying in the campaign, “You can’t possibly think Trump is preferable to what we’re selling!” And many voters keep saying, “Yes we can! In fact, our primary reason voting for him is to create a bulwark against you because your side thinks silence is violence and looting is not. Because you’re the party of chasing speakers off college campuses and making everyone walk on eggshells. And replacing, “Let’s not see color” with “Let’s see it always and everywhere!” Formally the position of the Ku Klux Klan.
It would be so easy to win elections if we would just drop this.
Democrats need to listen to our new president-elect’s old boss, “This idea of purity and you’re never compromised and you’re always politically woke and all that stuff you should get over that quickly.”
Quickly, like before they vote in Georgia. 

But it wasn’t just Maher that said that the left needed to change.

Caitlin Flanagan, a staff writer at The Atlantic, who joined Maher’s panel discussion for this episode, said that the media shouldn’t be so overtly partisan. She said that the mainstream media has largely become a leftwing “echo chamber” that is turning off right-wingers and forcing them into their own echo chambers.

Flanagan said it is up to the media to reunite divided Americans and stop people living in their partisan bubble ‘echo chambers’.

‘If we want to bring back people, you know, bring back the right, we have to at least pretend slightly that every single major news network is not completely leftist,’ Flanagan said.

She said she had been stunned to see anchors on major news networks crying when counting the votes from Pennsylvania.

‘If we’re crying about the returns from Allegheny County and we’re just explicitly showing that our newscasters are so completely biased, of course the right is gonna go somewhere else, of course they’re gonna leave the traditional news. You know, The New York Times? Forget it! It has nothing to say to the right.’

Source: Daily Mail

Was that a reasonable bit of self-reflection by someone who writes for The Atlantic?!

I think I just lost a bet… I didn’t think anyone over there was capable of such a reasonable assessment of the state of the media today.

How different would the country be if we had neutral mainstream news outlets who just reported the facts and went after both parties the same way?

Unfortunately, Flanagan’s perspective isn’t exactly a commonly held view in the mainstream media. They’re very happy to stay as partisan presstitutes and to hell with fictional “flyover man” — he’s one of those “deplorables” after all.

It’s probably the same with Democrats — they’re so in love with identity politics that they’re not going to give that up anytime soon. And especially if Biden is certified as the winner of the election — Kamala Harris would be only one 79-year-old’s heartbeat away from the Presidency, and she’s not there because of her impressive accomplishments; she’s there because she’s a visible minority woman. That’s what really matters to Democrats, not silly things like accomplishments or competence. Just look at the top of their ticket — talk about the Poster Boy for Mediocrity!

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