WATCH: BLM Hits The ‘Burbs Even Biden Supporters Are Not Given A Pass — ‘Peaceful Protest Is White Supremacy’

Written by K. Walker on November 9, 2020

The roving bands of racial justice warriors are on the march, this time, they’re heading into the suburbs.

This was on election night in Portland when a large group of BLM/Antifa (who can really tell what’s what at this stage?) protesters hit the streets to express their dissatisfaction with All Of The Things™.

One guy, concerned that the mass of disgruntled leftists would ditch the “mostly” in their peaceful demonstration decided to point to his Biden/Harris lawn sign to show that he was on their side.

This is the same move that boarded-up stores all over the country did during the ongoing protests when they spraypainted “Minority-owned” and “We support BLM” in the faint hope that it would preserve them from damage and looting.

It went as well with those businesses as it did with this guy.

The crowd shouted at him yelling that they didn’t need to hear from a “white man” about how to protest, and that asking for a peaceful protest was “white supremacy.”

This exchange is just a prime example of the left right now — who are raging at something that they can’t point to with definitive data, fully immersed in identity politics, and filled with crazy-eyed nutters who pull their mask down to yell at people.

Watch the whole thing play out, it’s enlightening.


It just goes to show you that…

You will never be woke enough.

Biden voters are the worst.

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