What Do Communist Brainwashing Techniques And COVID-19 Have In Common

Written by Doug Giles on November 22, 2020

Have you heard of the Biderman Report? This little gem from yesteryear told us everything you’d ever want to know about what brainwashing is, and how the bad guys go about doing it. And if you measure today’s events by those standards? Yikes!

The Biderman Report is instrumental in setting out what someone’s got to do to deprogram someone who had been trapped in a cult. And the chart that was later developed is also used to map out abusive relationships.

It sets out the framework of exactly what tools of coercion are employed by bad actors to break the will of an individual so that it will conform to the will of the captor.

And that list is muy interesting for anyone paying real attention to what’s been happening in this time of COVID panic.

But not so much the events around the virus itself, like infections, complications, deaths, recovery, and treatments. Oh, no. What’s interesting is that OTHER story, about how this story has been leveraged by the people holding the cultural megaphones.

Are you ready for a rough ride through the upside-down world of brainwashing protocols?

Then buckle up, my kiddies, because we’re taking a look at Biderman’s list of Tools Of Coercion. And we gotta warn you, a real look at what our ‘betters’ in media, medicine, and government have been up to ain’t pretty.