WTF? An Estimated One-QUARTER Of Women Can’t Identify A Vagina — No, This Is Not Satire

Written by K. Walker on November 12, 2020

Ladies… how in the hell is this possible?!

We are in 2020 and apparently, women don’t seem to know the difference between a uterus and a sinus cavity.

I can assure you that they are very, very different things.

In an absolutely stunning article in the New York Post, it would appear that women shouldn’t be complaining that men can’t find their “happy button” when they’re having their special fun-fun time together, because 1-in-4 women can’t identify a vagina — and they actually have one.

It sure as hell is!

As Hannah Sparks of the New York Post wrote, “Ladies, it might be time to take a long, hard look in the mirror and ask, ‘What is that?'”

An estimated ¼ of US women don’t know where their vagina is, according to a new poll conducted by OnePoll, which found that 46% of ladies couldn’t point out the cervix, and 59% suggested a different body part when asked to identify the uterus.

Only one in 10 women passed the anatomy quiz, asking them to name all the parts of a female reproductive diagram.

Intimina, the Swedish women’s health company that commissioned the study, included responses from 2,000 women. A spokesperson said the brand hoped to reveal a critical gap in American education.

Well, I’d say that they were successful in finding “a critical educational gap” if women: a) can’t identify their own body parts, and, b) don’t know how their own reproductive system works.

Hang on a sec…

Does this mean that more than half of the women walking around parroting the “my body, my choice!” mantra of the left don’t even realize that the sign their holding has a picture of a uterus on it? Does this mean a great counter to “get your rosaries off my ovaries” is “Could you show me what the ovaries look like and what they’re for?” Perhaps. I’m gonna have to try that…

You can watch the Intima summary of the findings in a short video here:

We’ve had rampant, aggressive sex ed for decades now and we were assured that this was going to ensure that children would be able to understand their own bodies. That’s clearly not what has happened.

That’s because much of sex education has to do with the pleasure of sexual acts and not about biology. The “it’s all about the science!” people who have been screaming with their hair on fire that children should comprehend the process of sex haven’t been teaching “the science” — ie. biology — they’ve been teaching their version of morality which is precisely what they don’t want with abstinence education.

In 2019, California created a sex-ed curriculum that would absolutely curl your toes. The K-12 curriculum was incredibly controversial because it was no-opt out and included a very progressive view of gender theory at a young age that had to be taught affirmatively. In the older grades, it included things that would have charges brought against you if you mentioned them to minors — masturbation, oral sex, “blood play,” and “fisting.”

Perhaps instead of discussing the disturbing concept of “blood play” they should cover what a menstrual cycle is. That is apparently also something that far too many women don’t seem to understand. Approximately one-third of the women surveyed think that a menstrual period is some sort of monthly “detox” or to “get rid of bacteria” rather than having anything to do with reproduction.

OnePoll also asked women to describe the menstrual cycle and found many were confounded by the process. Some described periods as a “detoxification,” like a “periodical body reset button,” or something that “got rid of bacteria.” A quarter of responses described periods more approximately as “the process a women’s body goes through to shed excess blood.” However, 63% of women more accurately explained that the body is shedding its uterine lining.

Menopause was not understood well either, with 13% defining menopause as a term to describe a missed period, while 10% figured it had something to do with turning 40. While age is a factor, the number does not dictate when or why menopause takes place.

Source: New York Post

This is absolutely shameful and embarrassing if we can extrapolate those findings to the larger population.

It could be that they just happened to find the dumbest women in the country, but I’m not so sure about that. I saw thousands of unhinged nutters with pink knit hats marching in Washington immediately after Trump’s inauguration while Madonna haltingly read her prepared remarks that she has “thought an awful lot…” *checks notes* “…about blowing up the White House.” And they’ve returned every year since then.

They came in droves in their red Handmaid’s Tale outfits during the confirmation process of two Supreme Court Justices.

Yeah, I’m thinking that there are women in this country that really are that ignorant and that’s because public education has completely failed them.

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