300 ‘Swingers’ Can Hold A Private Super-Spreader Event… But Churches Can’t Sing Hymns

Written by Wes Walker on December 2, 2020

Remember that time when Fauchi said bumping uglies with strangers was A-OK, even though shaking hands was not? You can add that to the stack of times he was wrong about COVID.

Normally, reporting about a disease breakout won’t invite juvenile snickering. But with a headline like this one, it’ll take some extra effort to keep this story professional.

Here goes.

With ‘experts’ wringing their hands about breakouts of the virus here and there around the country — and around the world — we are often scolded to be on our best behavior.

That we need to ‘make sacrifices’ for the greater good.

We are told that some social behavior — like celebrating an apparent Biden electoral win — is good and right and just while other social behavior — expressing concern about evidence supporting alleged election tampering — is not. The latter is a menace to society and is tantamount to being a serial killer.

Or something.

Having Thanksgiving dinner with your family sans mask is proof positive that you’re the spawn of Satan, but an elected official having dinner in a restaurant hours after banning others in her city from doing the same is perfectly fine.

Christian and Jewish religious worship, festivals, weddings or funerals? Definitely a threat to the public well-being. The Government will count noses of attendees (better not be 10 people!) — if they even let you open your doors.

But a sex club with 300 naked, sweaty strangers huffing and puffing their way through a single event? Sure! Go ahead, how could it possibly go wrong?

The Naughty in Nawlins convention took place in New Orleans last month, with around 300 people attending.

However, despite taking ‘extraordinary measures’ to prevent the spread of Covid-19, 41 cases were reported in the aftermath of the event, with one person hospitalised as a result.

Sharing a blog post on Friday, organiser Bob Hannaford said he regretted hosting the event.

He said: “We had five people that tested positive on Monday. On Tuesday we got up to 14. On Wednesday we jumped up to 29 cases and by our last count, we have 41 positive tests, out of 300 people.

“Most would consider that a positivity rate of 13 percent, but there’s more to a positivity rate. You see, we have no idea how many people got tested after our event, nor if anyone tested positive and didn’t tell us.

“There could also be people that are positive, but without symptoms, so they never got tested.” –LadBible

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