America Needs Biblical Badass Women Muy Pronto!

Written by Doug Giles on December 20, 2020

There’s a reason so many in the non-christian world run like hell from the Church — look who they’re likely to meet there!

It’s easy to forget how things look to an outsider.

Long before yours truly was preaching at Cigars and Sermon sessions, long before ever darkening the door of a church, the only exposure the scruffy drug-addled punk I was in high-school had ever seen was the church ladies that blew in and out of my life.

They left an impression alright – that whatever it is they do in there on a Sunday leaves their men neutered and their ladies crazy, angry, or dumpy.

But not ALL of them… and you know what?

God calls us to lives muy better than what we’re seeing in the ladies and guys that kept me running AWAY from the church rather than to it.

You can tell by just looking at all the rich examples of tough-as-nails believers He packed into His Book.

Biblical Badasses: The Women

In Doug Giles’ latest book, Biblical Badasses: The Women, Giles spotlights ten epic ladies who did awesome things for God with the odds severely stacked against them. These girls weren’t your typical church ladies. They were holy movers and shakers who upset hell with their God-honoring, faith-filled, lives. Giles’ unique take on these terrific women makes the scripture come alive. This book is real, raw, relevant, and irreverent. Giles’ prayer is that after reading, Biblical Badasses: The Women, not only will your noggin be filled with these amazing tales of high and lows from real women who rocked in a hard place, via the power of God, but that you will get off your butt, quit pursuing stupidity, start chasing down your high calling and at the end of your life, you too, like the holy femme fatales featured herein, will have left a massive scar on Satan’s haggard backside.

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