COVIDICTATORS UP NORTH: 21 Yr. Old Busted By Cops For Playing Hockey On Outdoor Rink (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on December 20, 2020

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Now here’s something that you never expected to see in the Great White North — a guy arrested for playing hockey on an outdoor rink.

Can you think of anything more Canadian than playing hockey on an outdoor rink? I can’t and I was born in Canada.

On Saturday, a video of a young man being arrested by two female police officers for doing just that was making the rounds on social media and quickly went viral.

In the video, the two female officers swear at the young man and draw a taser out, then get physical with him while not telling him what it was that he did wrong.

Here is the video in two parts:

Granted, this is only a small clip of the interaction, but the officers do seem to escalate the situation rather than de-escalate it.

What you need to understand here is that this happened in Calgary, Alberta, the province that is often referred to as “Texas North.” It’s an oil-rich province that is staunchly conservative. Calgary is a major city in the province and the third-largest in Canada with a population of about 1.3 million. The thing is, like many other big cities, the leadership there is trending left. For some unknown reason, in 2010, Calgary voted in Naheed Nenshi, a lefty originally from Toronto — whose politics is much like NYC — and despite his woke, globalist, UN-approved policies, they kept re-electing him. Mayor Nenshi is now in his third term and Calgarians are realizing that elections do indeed have consequences.

Despite the announcement today that roughly 2 percent of the population in the entire province has contracted COVID-19, and a vaccine on the way, Calgary has extended its mask mandate to December 2021 courtesy of Mayor Nenshi and the Calgary City Council. They’ve also bumped up the fines for being caught without a mask.

CALGARY — City council has extended Calgary’s mandatory mask bylaw until December 2021 and at the same time has approved increased penalties and fines for repeat offenders, which are to be effective immediately.

On Monday, city council increased the fine for failure to wear a face covering where required from $50 for the first offence to $100.

A second offence will cost $200 and third offence would result in a ticket of $300.

Subsequent offences within a 12-month period will result in higher penalties…

…”An escalating penalty for repeat violations further strengthens enforcement efforts for those who are willfully non-compliant with this bylaw,” said Kay Choi, manager of strategic services for Calgary. Source: CTV News Calgary

And despite lockdowns in other jurisdictions not seeming to slow the spread of what the CDC has said can “sometimes be spread by airborne transmission,” Calgary — like many other places — is heading down the lockdown route.

Ezra Levant, the founder of Rebel News, retweeted the video as well. His commentary is precisely what I thought when I saw the video. These female police officers were “diversity” hires who were clearly incapable of doing their job.

The young man who wouldn’t get off the ice was 21-year old Ocean Wiesblatt.

The Calgary Police issued a statement once the video went viral saying that it was just a snippet of the interaction and that Weisblatt was non-compliant.

But wait! There’s more to this story…

In a third tweet, Ezra Levant shared a video profiling the family. He wrote, “This is the beautiful family attacked by @nenshi’s out-of-control COVID cops. What a wonderful family. And how wretched @CalgaryPolice were to them.”

Here is the video in full:

By the way, Kimberly White, the mom of those boys, did have her hockey dream come true — Ozzy was drafted by the San José Sharks in 2020. This is the Canadian dream in its truest sense — a blue-collar family with hockey talent rising to the elite-level of play and making it all the way to the NHL despite the odds. All four brothers, Ocean, Orca, Ozzy, and even 16-year old Oasiz — are listed on a hockey scouting website.

The interaction between Ocean Wiesblatt, 21, and the officers, which was captured on video and shared on social media, turned into a physical altercation that ended with Wiesblatt arrested and in the back of a patrol car…

…Weisblatt’s family is known in the Calgary as being very active in the hockey community. His brothers Orca, Oasiz and Ozzy all play, with the latter being drafted in the first round by the San Jose Sharks, 31st overall. His parents, Kimberly White and Art Wiesblatt, are both deaf.

Ocean played 16 games with the Manitoba Junior Hockey League’s Portage Terriers last season, but has previously played for the Brooks Bandits and Penticton Vees. His younger brother Orca plays for the Calgary Hitmen in the Western Hockey League while Oasiz plays for the Medicine Hat Tigers.

Speaking to CTV News over the phone on Saturday, Weisblatt confirmed receiving the tickets, adding that one of them was for violating the Public Health Act, which carries a fine of $1,200.

“The rules are getting ridiculous,” he said.

Source: CTV News Calgary

Mayor Nenshi admits that there is no “hard and fast rule” on how many people are permitted on an outdoor rink, but be ready to tattle on your neighbors — just in case.

“If you see flagrant violations happening, you should phone them in,” he said.

“It doesn’t mean if a random pickup hockey game starts on a rink and breaks up quickly you’re going to be calling the cops — if you’re seeing people putting others at risk, it’s something you should be calling in.”

Nenshi said skating on rinks with family cohorts is fine but that hockey games with body contact aren’t a good idea.

“There’s no hard, fast rules on how many people may be on a rink … but you’ll know it when you see it,” said the mayor.

Source: Calgary Herald

Levant also notes the problems with the Calgary Police in a separate Twitter thread — they’ve gone “woke.”

If you think that Fake News is just an American thing, well… it isn’t.

Remember, this is “Texas North” we’re talking about. There are some freedom-loving Canadians in Calgary that are pushing back against the restrictions.

The Covidictators are everywhere and they’re not going to give up their power anytime soon — no matter what The Science™ says.

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