Biden Fundraiser Floated As Ambassador Bellied Up And Took MILLIONS In PPP Loans While His Law Firm Continued To Make Money

Written by Wes Walker on December 16, 2020

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Democrats blocked COVID relief bailouts to small businesses — but they fought like hell to funnel money to their political allies. Now those same allies are looking for plum political posts.

This is exactly the sort of thing we mean by ‘drain the swamp’… if anything, Biden’s doing his best to stock it with new species of swamp critter.

It wasn’t enough that a Biden-aligned law firm was making money hand over fist with legal settlements. He had to tap into PPP bailouts, too.

“When a highly successful law firm receives millions of dollars in PPP money, it raises questions as to whether those funds actually went to preserve jobs, which is the purpose of the PPP program, or merely padded the shareholder attorneys’ profitability,” William Jacobson, a professor at Cornell Law School, told the Washington Free Beacon. “This certainly raises serious questions that warrant investigation if a founding member of the law firm is nominated for an ambassadorship.” —FreeBeacon

What kind of law firm are they?

Rice’s firm gained approval for the loans after stacking up massive legal wins. In October 2019, Motley Rice announced a $260 million settlement against opioid manufacturers Teva, Cardinal Health, AmerisourceBergen, and McKesson. In November 2020, it helped win a $26 billion settlement from Johnson & Johnson and other pharmaceutical companies. Law firms often work on a contingency basis and receive portions of the settlements they reach. —FreeBeacon

Sucking up millions from the government teat when the fund was set up for businesses in genuine need is a bad look. Especially when shuttered small businesses were going bankrupt while the bailed-out law firm was doing brisk business.

Brisk business doesn’t begin to describe it. They were got themselves an award or two for ‘2020’s elite trial lawyers’

But they have no shame — they’re Democrats, after all.

And if that wasn’t reward enough, Joseph Rice, who co-founded the firm, wants MORE government perks. After all, he was a loyal money-bundler for Biden Inc. Why shouldn’t he get an ambassadorship as his own personal quid-pro-Joe?

Joseph Rice, cofounder of the South Carolina-based Motley Rice law firm, helped raise large sums for Biden’s campaign and could land an ambassadorship spot in his administration, local reports indicate. Motley Rice received $7.03 million from Paycheck Protection Program funds, which were intended to help small businesses pay workers and stay afloat during the coronavirus pandemic. —FreeBeacon

That 100-foot yacht of his is a clue to just how impoverished poor Joseph really is. The man is considered one of the most successful trial lawyers in the country. But he ‘needs’ a 7 million buyout to keep his practice afloat? Puh-lease.

He wants an ambassadorship.

If this is evidence of how he will prioritize his personal interests relative to those of his country, that alone should disqualify him from ANY government post — especially in an administration that’s already sending out signals that it’s for sale to the highest bidder.