Warnock: Calls Christianity ‘White Man’s Religion’… Praises Farrakhan As ‘Important’ To Black Theology

Written by Wes Walker on December 16, 2020

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The Apostles warned that false teachers would come after them, to deceive the unwary. Warnock is the poster boy for what they were talking about.

Christianity, for anyone paying attention, has a primary focus. That focus is preaching salvation in Jesus Christ.

Everything else that Christians do, or are known for, flows outward from that starting point.

Anything that builds on a foundation OTHER than Jesus Christ is foreign to Christian faith and practice.

That includes foundations like ‘works’ or — in this instance — prioritizing a theology of race.

You get a sense of exactly what sort of person (let alone preacher) Warnock really is when he speaks positively about the infamous and inflammatory bigot Louis Farrakhan.

For context, in 2013, that was taken from a longer quote in which Warnock was holding a Q & A session. The following exchange was recorded:

Unidentified Man: Good afternoon, welcome. What — you refer to ‘the church,’ and I realize that there are many different churches, but what would you say is the church’s relationship today with the Nation of Islam and the Islamic movement that has a growing number of African American members? And perhaps as part of that, can you discuss whether the black church is having the same type of attendance problems that the so-called mainstream white churches and synagogues are having and if so, why or why not?”

Raphael Warnock: “Well, the Nation of Islam is significant, but its numbers don’t come anywhere near the membership of our churches. Its voice has been important and its voice has been important even for the development of black theology, because it was the black Muslims who challenged black preachers and said, ‘You’re promulgating…’ — you know they call it ‘the white man’s religion.’ That’s a slave religion. You’re telling people to focus on heaven, meanwhile they’re catching hell. And so we’ve needed the witness of the Nation of Islam in a real sense to put a fire under us and keep us honest about the meaning of the proclamation coming from our pulpits. Mainline Protestantism has been in decline now for decades. On the other hand, a number of our churches are growing and — you know, I could talk long time about that, but a number of our churches are growing. Very often the issue is our willingness, I think, to respond, to be flexible in terms of methodology, to be attentive to the waves in the culture, and yet at the same time not concede to the materialism, the narcissism and nihilism. How is it that we can have a liberation, this message, and still not be road kill in cyberspace, understanding what Facebook is and Twitter, as Robert Michael Franklin talked about on yesterday. So I think that many of our churches that have a liberation as focus sometimes don’t have the hearing that they ought to have because they haven’t been as savvy where media and some other things are concerned. So I’ve tried, in my own church, the bridge that conversation. I hope that helps.” –LibertyUnyielding

That original source also had video, which we are unable to embed for our readers here.

He is advocating a ‘liberation’ focus… as in ‘black liberation theology’.

It’s an ugly cocktail of politics, theology, and ill-will that is utterly hostile to both the gospel of Grace and to the principles upon which America is founded.

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