Biden: The Soy Boy Commander-In-Chief

Written by A.J. Rice on December 3, 2020

We can blame Black Lives Matter for all manner of sin, but not this. As things stand now, the 2020 presidential election hangs in limbo. No states have certified results and several will probably undergo legal challenges and recounts before it’s all said and done.

Whatever the ultimate outcome we now know one thing about this election with certainty: Donald Trump closed the racial divide. That’s right. You won’t hear the media report it this way but Americans are now less divided on race than we were four years ago when it comes to voting. Donald Trump improved his percentages with black men, black women, Hispanic men and women, and white women, by several points each. Trump earned a greater percentage of minority votes than any previous Republican president or presidential nominee in about 60 years. If he’s a racist as the media alleges, he’s the worst racist ever.

Trump flipped a majority Hispanic county in Texas to the GOP and won an outright majority — 55% — of the Cuban-American vote in Florida. This helped Trump win Florida easily and helped Republicans narrow the Democrats’ majority in the U.S. House of Representatives despite media predictions that the Democrat majority would grow. Trump nearly doubled his 2016 vote tally in key Miami-Dade County, which is heavily Latino and Cuban-American. He also did very well with Venezuelan and Peruvian immigrants by pushing against the Democrats’ tilt toward socialism. He was endorsed by the Governor of Puerto Rico Wanda Vazquez and it showed.

Even left-wing Vox couldn’t ignore Trump’s success with black voters. Vox noted: “His first appearance following his hospitalization for Covid-19 was an address to Black and Latinx (sic) voters given from the White House, during which he said, ‘Black and Latino Americans are rejecting the radical socialist left, and they’re embracing our pro-jobs, pro-worker, pro-police — we want law and order, we have to have law and order — and pro-American agenda.’”

Vox’s use of “Latinx” is part of the problem Democrats have with Hispanic voters, and liberal whites, mostly men such as Sean Collins who wrote that piece, have with reality. No Hispanics like or use that made-up term. It’s unpronounceable. Latinos hate it. Wussy, pandering beta whites from faculty lounges think it’s inclusive but it’s condescending and dumb. And the only demographic Trump lost ground to in 2020 was white men. Trump lost 5% of them versus four years ago.

White men have been emasculated and blamed for everything by the left over the past few years. These wimpy white men elected radical Barack Obama president twice, only to see him divide the nation, launch the present war on police officers — and then turn around and accuse the nation of being “spooked” by his presence in the White House. It wasn’t his telegenic presence that rocked markets, wrecked millions’ healthcare, hauled Catholic nuns into court, or made the price of gas skyrocket on his watch. It was his batty, divisive and idiotic policies that did. But the linguine-spined white men who elected him learned little to nothing.

Rather than fight back, or just clarify the facts, too many white men have turned into Soy Boys, urban sombrero-wearing pantywaists with some sort of “studies” degrees accepting blame for things they never did and ideas they never held. They do everything in their power to prove they are neither toxic, nor masculine. No American white person living today ever owned a slave plantation but white men now are being directly blamed by the likes of Marxist Lives Matter for all the sins of the past. The white men who founded this country built the death of slavery into the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, but white liberals think they were irredeemable racists because other white liberals tell them so and hardly anyone does research beyond Google and social media anymore.

Suburban men in particular seem to have internalized the lie that they are to blame for all of America’s ills. America isn’t “systemically” racist, it’s the land of opportunity for everyone. Only in America can someone who arrives as a refugee from some war-torn failed state rise to a congressional perch from which she can trash America for being hopelessly racist, right Ilhan Omar? What an ingrate. Wussified men who think “white privilege” is real are accepting blame even while they can’t say things that Dave Chappelle says, hilariously, every time he releases another Netflix special.

How else can we explain why Donald Trump gained ground with all other demographics except the one that the left and the media relentlessly blame for everything?

Let’s just look at one issue: “Defund the police.” No one with any sense supports this idiotic idea. Polls show lopsided numbers, about 80%, oppose this across all demographics. Black people living in the cities certainly don’t support it. They know they’ll be its first victims while suburban white men congratulate themselves for their tolerance over another pumpkin spiced latte.

When Minneapolis erupted in violent riots this past summer, black residents were the very first people to call for the police and even the National Guard to come in and restore order. It makes sense since the mostly white, college-educated leftist rioters were coming in from the ‘burbs to destroy black neighborhoods. Those neighborhoods may never recover. Black residents tried calling those out, but the mostly white media who drove in from the ‘burbs to cover the riots like they were happening in some desolate foreign capital ignored them.

Never forget who had Biden signs in their yards, the Range Rover crowd, feeling woke between pilates classes.

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