PROJECT VERITAS, CNN: Cuban-Bashing, Hiding Hunter And ‘National Security Threats’

Written by Wes Walker on December 3, 2020

In only the second day of the progressive Project Veritas leaks, we have a total abandonment of any journalistic ethics at CNN.

A free press is granted special rights under the Constitution for one principal purpose — to facilitate an informed public who have the requisite knowledge to make informed choices between rival candidates for the job of governing the nation.

Key words there are ‘informed choices’. CNN has exactly ZERO interest in the public being informed, and they will actively suppress news that harms their greater cause of behaving as the defacto AV department of the DNC.

Here they are actively discrediting and suppressing news of Hunter Biden’s laptop which, together with the corroborating witness, pointed to credible accusations of the Biden family receiving 7-figure payoffs from foreign powers in exchange for preferential access to the Biden family.

Funny how he unironically referred to ‘marching orders’ of the ‘right-wing echo chamber about what to talk about today’ in the middle of giving his ‘news’ corp their marching orders about what they were (and were NOT!) going to talk about today.

Worth noting — Zucker’s totalitarian instincts were on point. Had Democrats actually been told about the allegations of Hunter Biden’s wrongdoing, enough Democrats would have rejected Biden of their own free will that it would have cost him the election even WITH the numbers the press is accepting as accurate.

Another narrative they were working hard to suppress was that of Kamala Harris — independently ranked as having the furthest-left voting record in a Senate that includes Bernie Sanders — being evidence that the Biden will be tilting Socialist in the direction of AOC and the Squad.

That narrative didn’t play well with Cubans, many of whom had braved brutal conditions in 70 miles of shark-infested waters just to get away from such a government. The way Trump’s anti-socialism message resonated with Cubans ‘terrified’ CNN’s VP who claimed that Cubans are ‘attracted to bullies’, and ‘that there is a way to counter the narrative in Florida that is not being taken advantage of’.

When Trump claimed he was running against the media, not against Biden, he may have been UNDER-selling that claim relative to the reality.

This is a tacit admission that the entire CNN enterprise was knowingly behaving as pro-Biden activists deliberately seeking to counter Trump’s campaign message.

Might be interesting to consider what campaign laws might have been broken in this admission, and what kind of damages Team Trump and the RNC might be able to sue for with respect to their deliberate election tampering. Should such a blatantly corrupt ‘news’ enterprise continue to hold it’s broadcasting rights?

But we’re not done yet.

Because Trump had something to say about concerted Democrat efforts to corrupt the election, and strip away the guardrails that protect the public from having the expression of their political will polluted by illicit ballot-stuffing, CNN had something to say about Trump’s criticisms of this relaxing of standards…

Donald Trump exercising the same legal rights to challenge a contested result that were expressly provided to every candidate by the Constitution itself, one frequently used by Democrats to push a result they were unhappy with in their favor, and which libs loudly cheered with Gore did it 20 years ago, is suddenly a ‘threat to national security’ when he does it.

Suddenly the same crowd who spent so much of the last 4 years assuring us that Russia had rigged the outcome of an election that was recounted and determined to have been cleanly won by the Obama administration is worried about undermining confidence in the election.

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