Bro Visits Ex-Girlfriend’s Place And Attacks Her — That Was A Mistake

Written by Wes Walker on December 1, 2020

Some situations leave you the luxury of time to call the cops and let them deal with the threat. But others require a more immediate response… like this one.

When seconds count, the saying goes, police are minutes away.

This is exactly the situation responsible gun owners and other proponents of the Second Amendment have in mind for self-defense.

Unfortunately, not everyone has a gun — or at least has one handy — when the situation requires it. Fortunately, in this instance, the victim of the attack wasn’t facing this threat alone.

South Pasadena officers responded to a home on Five Oaks Drive around 10am after receiving a call about a domestic violence incident.

When authorities arrived, they found a shattered front window and heard screaming coming from inside the home, where they found Justin Goss suffering from stab wounds.

According to NBC, Goss had broken into the home and attacked his estranged girlfriend.

Authorities said that Goss was beating and choking the woman when her mother and sister attacked him.

Goss was pronounced dead at the scene, according to the Los Angeles County coroner’s office.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Lt Barry Hall told the Los Angeles Times that the two women ‘tried to pull him off, and it didn’t work; he was too strong’.

‘So they had to resort to using weapons,’ Hall said. ‘They were well within their right to act in defense of their sister and daughter,’ he added. –DailyMail

Mom and sis couldn’t pull the SOB off, so they elevated their response to stop the threat. Probably saved her life in the process.

If someone was going to leave that home feet-first, it’s far better that it was the scumbag who got the toe-tag.

The fake tough guy who tried to beat up on a woman is now face-to-face with the Real Deal…

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