CLASH POLL: Should We Jail COVIDictators That Violate Their Own Orders?

Written by K. Walker on December 5, 2020

We’ve seen Democrat lockdown hypocrisy at every level of government — local, state, and federal.

Earlier this week, White House Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany highlighted some of the most flagrant examples of “Rules for thee, but not for me!” Democrat hypocrites during the pandemic.

What’s worse is that it’s getting more and more ridiculous.

Karol Markowicz, a columnist for the New York Post and contributor to the Spectator U.S. and The Washington Examiner, has a looooong thread of COVIDictator hypocrites which she began at the end of August.

And it just goes on and on and on…

We’ve covered these hypocrites on ClashDaily for some time.

Here are some highlights:

I could go on forever, but let’s just end with Governor Gavin Newsom heading to the swanky Michelin-rated French Laundry restaurant in the Napa Valley to celebrate his lobbyist friend’s birthday indoors, where the party of 22 racked up a $15,000 bar bill.

But wait! It seems that he wasn’t the only one who went to French Laundry recently.

It’s bad enough that these people are hypocrites, but some of them are getting close to a hundred trips ’round the sun and they’re not taking the “precautions” to prevent them from contracting what we are told could be a deadly disease for them that has killed more than a quarter-million people in this country in less than a year — if you believe the numbers, that is.

For all the lamenting of the Trump supporter “Covidiots” who “don’t wear masks!” what do you call Pelosi and Feinstein who are, respectively, 80 and 87 years of age? Politicians with a Covid Death-Wish?

Now, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is saying that residents need to “hunker down” and “cancel everything.”

Wanna talk about COVID Tyranny? This guy has said that unnecessary “travel by foot” is prohibited. Yes, indeed, he’s banned going for a walk.

No word on banning private jet use, but I’m thinking that the über-riche Hollywood celebs are exempt just as the entertainment industry as a whole is at the state level.

Have you had it with the politicians who impose restrictions but then violate them because rules are for the “little people”?

Stephen Kruiser over at PJ Media had a thought — and it’s a damned good one in my humble opinion — jail the bastards.

These are just some of the ones who have been caught. I don’t doubt for a moment that many more have broken the rules but decided to be stealthier about it. It’s only the uber-arrogant politicians like Gavin Newsom who don’t bother to avoid being found out.

There’s a good reason for that: Newsom and company know that they won’t be held accountable for anything. They merely need to issue an insincere, apologetic press statement and then they can get back to playing dictator again. Heck, in Cuomo’s case he didn’t even have to apologize. He’s the governor with the highest body count in the country and he’s getting a freakin’ award.

Maybe it’s time they did have to face the music.

This is another one of those crazy fantasies of mine, but by now you all know that a lot of those have merit. In fact, it might be a good idea just to let me be a scorched-earth mad king for a while.

Just putting that out there.

Imagine the pure, poetic justice of seeing Newsom, Cuomo, and some of the other Hitler youth (stole that from Animal House) cooling their heels in a holding cell after being caught with their masks off and their pants down.
Source: PJ Media

What do you think?

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