DURHAM UPDATE: Trump Green-Lights Use Of Classified Material In Investigation

Written by Wes Walker on December 23, 2020

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If you’ve become impatient while waiting for results from the Durham Investigation, you’re not alone. But this development might pique your interest.

It might be easy to dismiss the plodding investigation as yet another ‘nothingburger’ in which nobody of any political significance will pay any meaningful price.

After all, we’ve got decades of watching the politically-connected get away unscathed again and again as a reference point. And some of Barr’s recent comments haven’t been encouraging either.

But we have seen at least one conviction. And with this latest development, it’s worth asking what might motivate it, except for at least the possibility that more might follow.

Attorney General William Barr’s special counsel appointee investigating the origins of the Trump-Russia investigation has been granted the authority to use classified information “as he deems necessary” in his investigation, the White House said on Dec. 22.

John Durham, the U.S. attorney probing the flawed counterintelligence investigation into Trump’s 2016 campaign, is now authorized to use classified information in his review, the White House said in a statement. The powers were first granted to Barr prior to Durham’s appointment as special counsel in a memorandum first issued by President Donald Trump in May 2019.

“The Attorney General is authorized to use classified information as he deems necessary in connection with his review, including in a grand jury or other proceeding,” the memo states.

The move prevents intelligence community agencies from exercising a veto over whether classified information may be presented to a grand jury empaneled by the special counsel in review. – EpochTimes

And if they aren’t looking for convictions, why would Durham even want to access to this information?