‘Stimulus’ Bill Update: Will POTUS Be Blocking Porculus 2020?

Written by Wes Walker on December 23, 2020

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We’ve seen the ‘vote for it to know what was in it’ movie before… and the ending sucked. Are we really going to do this again?

If there’s something the toe-to-toe battle between right and left the last four years has taught us it’s that framing the issue is critical to how it’s perceived.

Don Jr. meeting some Hillary-connected Russian in Trump tower is grounds for a Special Prosecutor, but Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, Jill Biden, and a Chinese Communist Party billionaire ‘investor’ having keys to a shared office is ‘not’ a story.

Pelosi and Schumer were actively stalling any financial help to citizens whose governments have ordered their businesses shuttered for health reasons until after the election… because desperate and disillusioned people do not typically vote for the status quo. They feed off your desperation.

They were angling for help for your special interests and loaded tons of money into their typical projects — including even more money for the Kennedy Center that already got themselves a massive COVID bailout.

Taxpayers who have been twisting in the wind are offered a whopping $600 in relief. For context, Pelosi once infamously mocked Trump’s $1000 tax cut as ‘crumbs’.

So — for a one-time ‘benefit’ of a whopping $600 — we’re all supposed to fire up the money printers again, send our country further down that road to insolvency which has been walked by such stable world-leading nations as Venezuela, Zimbabwe, and the historical Weimar Republic? (If you’re young enough not to recognize that last name, the historical significance of that one is enormous.) To say nothing of all the other poison pills and socialist wet dreams we’ll find lurking in that 5000+ pages of legislation. Even the LEFT was outraged that legislators were expected to vote on it sight-unseen.

Trump doesn’t see such trade-offs as a ‘win’ for out-of-work Americans or the nation as a whole.

He had this to say:

“I am asking Congress to amend this bill and increase the ridiculously low $600 (direct payment) to $2,000 or $4,000 for a couple,” Trump said in a video posted to Twitter showing him speaking from the White House.

“I’m also asking Congress to immediately get rid of the wasteful and unnecessary items from this legislation and to send me a suitable bill, or else the next administration will have to deliver a Covid relief package.”

He added, “And maybe that administration will be me, and we will get it done.”

Before the remarks, all signs and expectations had been that Trump intended to sign the Covid relief bill as soon as it lands on his desk, possibly later this week. White House aides, in fact, said as much.

While Trump didn’t explicitly say he will veto the legislation, his remarks suggested that he might. If the president did so, lawmakers might be able to override his veto, but if simply refuses to sign it, the bill might die. –MSN


Trump wants serious changes made before he slaps his John Handcock on it.

If not, he still has options.

He could veto it.

He might even exercise the Calvin Coolidge ‘pocket veto’.

Pelosi isn’t the only one with ‘arrows in her quiver’.

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