Glenn Greenwald Tells Tucker Carlson Why Biden’s OMB Pick Is Just AWFUL And It’s Hilarious (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on December 1, 2020

Joe Biden has made a selection for the Office of Management and Budget and it’s a doozy.

Neera Tanden from the leftwing think tank Center for American Progress has been named as the choice to craft the spending agenda in a Biden administration.

So, who the heck is this woman that’s been chosen to get a power position in a Biden administration?

Tucker laid it out in his opening by describing her as “a handmaiden to the billionaires who pay her salary.” He says that her think tank has “taken millions of dollars from Wall Street financiers, Silicon Valley executives like Mark Zuckerberg, lobbyists, banks, and defense contractors.” Tucker also noted that she has “censored her own researchers’ criticism of Mike Bloomberg” and is a Russian Collusion Truther of the worst sort. He then played a clip of Tanden talking about Russian collusion on MSNBC.

Things got interesting on the show when Tucker invited independent journalist Glenn Greenwald to get the lowdown on who Neera Tanden is. While you read the transcript that follows and watch this clip, remember that Greenwald is a leftwing populist kind of a guy.

CARLSON: So, in case you don’t follow the White House carefully, this job — Director of the Office of Management and Budget — is one of the key jobs in Washington. Glenn Greenwald is probably the most independent of our independent journalists, he joins us tonight to explain: Why Neera Tanden? Thanks, Glenn for coming out. Why Neera Tanden?

GREENWALD: Well, first of all, that package that you just did as critical as it was of her was incredibly generous — she’s so much worse than that. Why Neera Tanden? She’s totally unqualified for this position. Like, she’s not an economist, she went to law school. She worked for Hillary Clinton and then all she’s done at this think tank for the last 10 years is raise millions of dollars from Silicon Valley, Wall Street, despots in the Gulf States which is the real base of the Democratic Party, so they want her to oversee the regulatory and budgetary and economic policy of the administration on behalf of their real constituencies which is all those people from whom she’s been raising millions of dollars. But the thing is, Tucker, that just makes her an ordinary Democrat. She’s just a Swamp Creature in that regard. She’s a deranged and dangerous person. I don’t mean just politically, I mean, like, behaviorally. When she was working with Hillary Clinton to get Hillary Clinton elected, one of her own reporters at this think tank was arranged to have an interview with Hillary and asked Hillary about the Iraq War and Neera Tanden was so angry she punched him and then later she claimed she merely pushed him. When she was running an all-staff meeting about three years ago, a woman who works at the think tank had filed a confidential complaint about sexual harassment about one — against one of Neera Tanden’s male allies and — this is something that would ruin anyone else’s career in Washington — she outed this woman at the all-staff meeting out of vengeance. When the Obama administration was bombing Libya into oblivion, she suggested internally that the way we should reduce our deficit as a nation is to use Libya’s oil to make them pay us back for the favor of having destroyed their entire government. But here’s the worst thing about her, Tucker, that tip that that video you showed had her talking about “Russian collusion.” She didn’t just push the most maximalist versions of Russian collusion, she pushed this conspiracy theory that is completely reckless and wild that Russia hacked into the voting machines and the reason Hillary lost in 2016 is because the Russians changed Hillary’s votes to Trump’s votes, and that’s the real reason Hillary lost. That is a conspiracy theory that in 2018 two-thirds of Democrats believed! How can you have somebody in a position like this who is this deranged behaviorally, in terms of the conspiracy theories, they contaminate people’s brains with?

CARLSON: I think the real question is, why didn’t we do an entire show talking to you tonight about Neera Tanden and we totally blew that! I want to know more! Glenn Greenwald, please come back, that was amazing!

GREENWALD: Always happy to talk about Neera Tanden.

CARLSON: I appreciate it, thank you. She punched someone for questioning Hillary about the Iraq War! That’s a committed staffer. Sounds a little crazy too.

Greenwald has been tweeting about how awful Tanden is since it was announced that she was chosen to be a part of a Biden administration.

With the position one that requires Senate confirmation, Tanden has been on a Tweet-deleting spree since being named by Joe. Apparently, she wasn’t so nice to Republican Senators on Twitter.

Joe Biden has been making calls for unity since he declared himself the winner of the election before any states had certified the election results, and this pick just might do it.

There has been bipartisan criticism of Neera Tanden since she was named as the nominee. Right-wingers don’t like her because of her Russian collusion hysteria, but also because she’s a far-left big spender who doesn’t care much about deficits and debt. Tanden would be the furthest left individual put into the position — but the very far-left claim she’s not left enough. After all, she worked for Hillary and criticized Bernie, and that’s just a no-no these days. The far-left has criticized her for wanting to make cuts to Social Security in the past.

It’s one of the few things that the left and right can agree on — Neera Tanden is an awful choice.

But hey, I guess this is the “return to norms” that we were promised, right?

Let’s see, we’re about to have a sociopathic, egocentric, aggressive, conspiracy theorist Swamp Thing funded by elites in a powerful position in the White House? Yep. That sounds like the “return to norms” in DC.

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