PUNKED: Project Veritas Had Mole In Am Strategy Calls With CNN … Zucker Is PO’d!

Written by Wes Walker on December 2, 2020

James O’Keefe live-streamed himself announcing his presence on the conference call, which Zucker abruptly ended. ‘Hundreds of hours’ of these calls have been recorded. Expect new leaks daily through December.

O’Keefe teased the exposé on Twitter by sharing a livestreamed video of the moment he ambushed Zucker during a phone call telling him he was planning to make the footage of his rundowns public.

‘Mr Zucker, are you there? Hey, this is James O’Keefe. We’ve been listening to your CNN calls for basically two months, and recording everything. I just wanted to ask you some questions if you have a minute,’ he began.

‘Do you still feel you’re the most trusted name in news, because I have to say from what I’ve been hearing on these phone calls, I don’t know about that; we have a lot of recordings that indicate you’re not really that independent as a journalist.’

After a few seconds of silence, Zucker replies: ‘Uh..thank you for your comments’, before quickly scrambling to cut the discussion short.

‘So everybody, I think in light of that we’ll set up a new system and we’ll be back with you. We’ll do the rest of the call later,’ he said. –DailyMail

In that instant, you could almost hear Zucker s***ing his pants.

Zucker is NOT happy, threatened legal action over leaks. Problem is, Project Veritas is used to legal action. They’ve got a team of lawyers themselves, and they haven’t lost a lawsuit yet. With the kind of reporting they do, it’s important they cover that side of things down to the smallest detail. James O’Keefe doesn’t sound worried.

What’s interesting about this isn’t that the reports themselves aren’t ‘blockbusters’ — he tends to save the juicier stuff to coincide with future reveals later in his reporting, rather than on the first day — but he has painted a pretty clear picture of Zucker himself driving the news narrative at the micro-level… right down to the ‘slant’ of stories of the day, (remember that weird narrative lobbed at Trump invoking ‘erratic’ and ‘steroids’ during his COVID treatment?) and who he thinks the company needs to train their guns on — Lindsey Graham, for instance.

Here’s a taste of the video clips that have already been released.

CNN is desperately appealing to lawyers for some kind of a ‘safe space’. But we all remember THIS story, don’t we?


You played the game and got caught.

Time to man up and face the consequences.

The video drops to come have been compared to an ‘advent calendar’. It’s promising to be a colorful Christmas already.

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