Gov. Andrew Cuomo Signs Vague Bill Banning The Sale Of ‘Hate Symbols’ Including The Confederate Flag

Written by Wes Walker on December 16, 2020

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This clown is the guy some are floating for Biden’s AG pick — and we’re getting a really good look at what he thinks of the Constitution.

The pandemic lockdowns have already given us really good insights into his perspective on the right to assembly, for instance, or religious freedoms. He has shown us how he prioritizes free speech — when it’s in support of a left-leaning cause — relative to all other forms of speech.

We know he’s no fan of the Second Amendment, and now?

Now we’re seeing his attitudes to the government silencing speech it deems ‘hateful’.

The nasty little secret at the center of that ‘for the greater good’ ruling — like so many others — is that the government will reserve the right to adjust the goalposts for which speech is contrary to the greater good.

All we need to do is look across the Atlantic to see street preachers being arrested for sharing the gospel in the UK, or arrested over a mean tweet to know how quickly these hate laws can spiral out of control.

Cuomo’s instincts — to nobody’s surprise — is to INCREASE governmental control over the citizen, and never to relax it.

Here is Governor Coronavirus’s latest foray into the scaling back of Constitutional rights.

Today, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed bill S8298B into law, which prohibits the State of New York from selling or displaying “symbols of hate.”

The bill reads: the term “symbols of hate” shall include, but not be limited to, symbols of white supremacy, neo-Nazi ideology or the Battle Flag of the Confederacy.

…State Senator Alessandra Biaggi (D-Bronx/Westchester), who sponsored the bill, issued the following statement:

“Symbols of hate have no place in our society, let alone on State property. With the signing of my bill, we are drawing a clear line in the sand. By limiting hateful symbols from being glorified on State property, New York will denounce images that represent violence while still acknowledging our nation’s shameful history of oppression. This bill allows New York State to lead by example, and discourage the perpetuation of symbols that do not represent our values of justice and inclusion. Today we say no to hate.”


No person on State property — including fairgrounds and parks — will be able to sell or display anything that this law deems offensive.

Maybe he thinks it makes him a ‘tough guy’ to push people around.

That’s not even CLOSE to what makes someone a badass. See for yourself —

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