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San Francisco Unified School District To Rename Abraham Lincoln H.S. Caving To Demands Of BLM Activists

After all, what has the Great Emancipator ever done to benefit black lives — Hmmm?

What happens when you allow cynical, Marxist anti-American ideology to overrun the education system?


THIS is what happens when you allow cynical, Marxist, anti-American ideology to overrun the education system.

A San Francisco district is planning to rename a school named after Abraham Lincoln because the former president did not demonstrate that ‘black lives mattered to him’.

The president, who is often held up as an American hero for abolishing slavery, is just one of 44 historical figures soon to have their names scratched off schools within the San Francisco Unified School District.

Other names include George Washington, Herbert Hoover and Senator Dianne Feinstein, whose name will be stripped from the Dianne Feinstein Elementary School for allowing the Confederate flag to fly outside City Hall back in 1984 when she was mayor.

…The district’s renaming committee decided Lincoln is not worthy of keeping his name on Abraham Lincoln High School because ‘the majority of his policies proved to be detrimental to [Native Americans].’

‘Abraham Lincoln is not seen as much of a hero at all among many American Indian Nations and Native peoples of the United States, as the majority of his policies proved to be detrimental to them,’ the committee meeting notes state.

Under his watch, Indigenous peoples had much of their land taken away from them. – DailyMail

Even his attitude toward the people whose emancipation he fought for was called into quesiton by the great erasers of history.

‘Lincoln, like the presidents before him and most after, did not show through policy or rhetoric that black lives ever mattered to them outside of human capital and as casualties of wealth building.’ – DailyMail


We wouldn’t want history to remember the guy who kept the country from splitting in half and who officially ended slavery or anything because, hey, they were able to find an interest group with an ax to grind against him.

If you think natives disliked him, just wait until you hear about what the Confederates thought of him!

Roosevelt’s on the list too for not being woke enough. Forget the fact that his inviting Booker T. Washington to dine with him at the White House was precedent-setting. (He’s a Republican, so that ‘first’ probably doesn’t count.)

Jim Treacher’s snarky headline says it all:

Abe Lincoln Canceled in San Fran. School Because Being Murdered by a Democrat for Freeing Slaves Doesn’t Show He Cared Enough About Black Lives

’nuff said.

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