Hilaria Baldwin Blames ‘Media Misrepresentation’ For Faking Spanish Heritage For Decades

Written by K. Walker on December 31, 2020

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It’s not her fault that she lied for years… it’s the media’s fault for going along with it.

Give me a break!

Now, I’m down with blaming the media for not bothering to dig into this further and let her get away with it for years, but at some point, the buck stops with “Hilaria” for not correcting the record.

This is just one more example of “liberal privilege” — Alec Baldwin’s wife — whose real name is “Hillary” not “Hilaria” — can carry on for years as though she was from Mallorca, Spain and when she’s exposed as a fraud, it’s not actually her fault.

Wait — isn’t “cultural appropriation” bad? I guess it doesn’t count if you’re a white girl from Boston married to a former A-list celebrity.

Here’s the controversy summed up:

Hilaria Baldwin has blamed the media for ‘misrepresenting’ her as Spanish and says this is why people are now ‘confused’ about her heritage – and claims she has done nothing wrong.

Attempting to stem the backlash she’s faced after being accused of a decade-long ‘Spanish grift’, the influencer and wife of Alec Baldwin has given an 80-minute cringe-worthy interview with the New York Times to ‘clarify’ her story.

The influencer says she ‘hid’ her Boston upbringing so as to protect her parents from media scrutiny after she began dating Baldwin – who she says has always known she is from New England.

Here is the video Hilaria/Hillary posted to “clarify” her background:

Hilaria/Hillary Baldwin says that she has been “clear” on her history for 10 years and is frustrated that her history is being “misrepresented” and she’s being accused of appropriating Spanish culture.

Hilaria/Hillary said, “I was born in Boston. I spent time in Boston and in Spain. My family now lives in Spain. I moved to New York when I was 19 years old and I have lived here ever since.” She added, “For me, I feel like I have spent 10 years sharing that story over and over again. And now it seems like it’s not enough.”

She also said that her accent comes and goes depending on her mood.


The thing is, the more this goes on, the more confusing it gets. Hilaria/Hillary’s interview with the NY Times just created even more contradictions in her history.

Prior to the interview, she said that she was born in Mallorca, and arrived in the U.S. to attend New York to attend university when she was 19. Now it’s unclear if she went to New York from Spain or from some other part of the United States.

She could also not tell the Times exactly how much time she had spent in Spain when she was younger.

‘I think it would be maddening to do such a tight time line of everything,’ she said.

‘You know, sometimes there was school involved. Sometimes it was vacation. It was such a mix, mishmash, is that the right word? Like a mix of different things.’

‘When we weren’t in Spain, we called it “we brought Spain into our home”,’ she added.

There is no evidence to show that she ever attended school in Spain.

Prior to the NY Times interview, she said that she had only spent time in Mallorca where her parents and older brother now live, but she’s now saying that she first went to Spain when she was a baby and made frequent trips all over Spain spending time in Madrid, Seville, and Valencia.

She also said that Alec knew that she was from Boston even though he told David Letterman in 2013 that Hilaria was from Spain.

But hey, maybe she’s a first-generation American from Spanish parents…?


Hilaria has long described her mother as Spanish, yet records revealed that Dr Kathyrn Hayword is in fact a fourth-generation Massachusetts resident.

Both she and husband David Thomas worked as professors in the US for years before retiring to Majorca in 2011, according to Page Six.

Hilaria’s father’s family has even deeper ties to the US, having lived here since before the American Revolution.


Daily Mail did some digging and discovered that Hilaria/Hillary grew up in a 100-year-old, $4-million home in a swanky area of Boston which her parents bought back in 1987 when little Hilaria/Hillary was just three. They moved out of the home when their daughter turned 28.

And as for “liberal privilege” well, privilege is certainly the word to use here. Hilaria/Hillary’s childhood home in Beacon Hill was just a quarter of a mile away from John Kerry’s home and even closer to Scott Borgerson’s — husband of Ghislaine Maxwell — townhouse.

One of the Hayward-Thomas family’s former neighbors remembers Hilaria/Hillary.

‘I don’t know what she is talking about,’ said the family’s former neighbor. ‘She lived here since she was a child. She didn’t call herself Hilaria then –  just Hillary. And she certainly didn’t speak with a Spanish accent.

‘Once I was really upset with her and asked her to shut the gate to stop the dog getting out and she just looked at me and said: “I’ve lived here for 19 years,” and stormed away.

‘She was a very entitled young lady.’

Source: Daily Mail

Looks like some things don’t change.

The neighbor said that she remembers that Hilaria/Hillary’s brother, Jeremy, had gone to Mallorca as an exchange student and then tried to live there for a while, but felt that he didn’t fit in and came back home. That student exchange trip was the thing that sparked the love of Mallorca for the family, and her parents decided to retire there.

Fox News noted that her 2012 wedding to Alec was another example of taking on Spanish culture. She had Flamenco fans and instead of saying “I do” said “Sì.”

The duo tied the knot in a star-studded ceremony in New York City that, at the time, had her boasting about how they managed to incorporate some of her “culture” into the big day. However, more than eight years after the wedding, the influencer is being criticized after admitting that she is not originally from Spain as she previously implied on several occasions…

…At the time, People reported that the bilingual bride incorporated a lot of the Spanish language into her wedding, such as having their wedding bands read “somos un buen equipo,” which translates to “we are a good team.” They even had their first dance to the Spanish-language song “Contigo” by Luis Miguel and had readings done in both English and Spanish.

According to CelebBuzz, she told People at the time, “I liked that I brought in a bit of my culture.”

At the time, she told Vanity Fair Espana that she had difficulty explaining to her family how to pronounce her new last name, claiming she had to repeat it to them three times before they understood. She even brought up her ties to Spain when discussing Alec’s proposal in a 2012 interview with Extra TV.
Source: Fox News

I’d say unbelievable, but… yeah. Here we are.


Here is Alec Baldwin joking with Howard Stern about his wife and using a Spanish accent to impersonate her.

Now that she’s being criticized, she’s going into hiding.

Hot-tempered Alec isn’t, however. He’s very angry.

Here is Hilaria/Hillary saying that she moved to the U.S. when she was 19.


Twitter users are having so much fun mocking Mrs. Baldwin over her fake Spanish heritage.

Here’s the Hilaria Baldwin story as it appeared on 30 Rock:

It’s also like this clip from Veep:

Maybe her real name isn’t actually Hillary, either.

How are we to really know?

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