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IT’S ON: Forty States Joining Lawsuit Against Power-Mad Tech Giant – Here’s What We Know

Finally, something the left and right can actually agree on. (Each for their own reasons.)

Facebook’s Android Man has been awfully relaxed in those Congressional hearings, running circles around many elected officials who don’t really understand the tech, and are limited to five-minute rounds of questioning where he could just play rope-a-dope.

This is different. Mark Zuckerberg will not have the luxury of merely running out the clock, and the people who will be asking the questions will be intimately familiar with all of the relevant questions at hand — including their monopolistic practices.

More than 40 states apparently plan to sign on to a New York-led antitrust lawsuit against Facebook.

While it is not known what antitrust violations they plan to include, according to CNBC, one allegation frequently made is that Facebook has strategically bought out small potential rivals at large prices to protect their grasp on the social media market. Some of those purchases include Instagram in 2012 and WhatsApp in 2014.

Facebook has also faced increased pressure in Congress from both sides of the aisle in recent years, with Democrats accusing the company of being a platform for fake and misleading information, while Republicans have charged that the company censors conservative views.

Former Federal Trade Commission Chairman William Kovacic said that the bipartisan nature of the complaints against tech giants in recent years should give authorities the confidence to carry out antitrust investigations.

“The supportive chorus of elected officials is giving assurance to DOJ and the FTC that they have the political support they need to blunt [the companies’] efforts … to pressure the agencies to back off or water down their cases,” Kovacic said. –WashingtonExaminer

If both parties in the US have their knives out for him, that’s a pretty good clue that Zuck’s probably overplayed his hand.

This comes shortly after Google has faced anti-trust action for predatory business practices.

Things are finally starting to get interesting.

It’s about time the bill came due for these clowns.

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