IT’S SCIENCE: Tools Can Now Identify Difference Between Real And Bogus Ballots… In Seconds

Written by Wes Walker on December 12, 2020

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Top lawyers have been stymied in the courts. Part of the reason is we’re presenting over-technical terms to non-experts. But this much simpler method could convince witnesses where others have failed to do so.

The Economic War Room with Kevin Freeman had a very interesting guest on their program. He was someone with a very particular skill set, one that may yet prove important in knowing what happened with the results of this election.

We have, for instance, precincts where ballots were counted without observers present. We have reports of ‘mail-in’ ballots being counted that had no creases on them. There is a number of details that have been contested that have never really been resolved.

But what if there was a way to be sure if you were looking at a legitimate ballot or a forged one? What if there were a way to weed out the bad ones even if they had been shuffled in with the real ones?

The guy who’s best known for developing the tech behind the QR codes we use almost every day has a solution that doesn’t require geek-speak and insinuations about algorithms.

The tools it relies on have more in common with the tools by which counterfeit bills are recognized as bogus.

Here’s how the story is introduced:

Exclusive interview with Jovan Hutton Pulitzer about his ability to digitally examine millions of ballots to scientifically prove if ballots are authentic or fake. He says we need to access the physical and digital ballots and within seconds can determine authenticity. His technology and approach have nothing to do with accessing the actual Dominion or other vendor machines.

His tech is looking for much simpler details, at the level that only a machine might be able to see it.

Things like the folds in the paper changing the ink on top of it in a certain pattern. Things like the telltale evidence of a human hand holding a pen in the ink marks on the ballot circle, which would be missing if it were machine-produced. Things like the exacting parameters of the printing that official ballots are expected to meet, but false ones wouldn’t know to meet, and one other detail he mentioned about what isn’t visible to the naked eye that should be a dead giveaway.

His claim, as bold as it might sound, is simple. If you run the entire set of ballots through his machines, he could tell you with specificity just how honest or corrupt any individual race really was.

By extension, if his tools were adopted and integrated as an anti-fraud step in future elections, we would — he claims — never again have an election as messed up as this one is.

The video’s not that long, but let me tell you.

This writer was pretty skeptical when I cued up the video, and I didn’t expect anything that convincing. But by the time it was wrapping up, I had a much different view of his tech.

Will it convince you, too? There’s only one way to find out.

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