Once-Skeptical Fraud Analyst Now Insists It’s Time To Audit Dominion Machines — Here’s Why

Written by Wes Walker on December 16, 2020

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He would rather NOT risk his reputation on something the press and Big Tech are trying to call ‘tinfoil hat’ theories, but he simply can’t ignore the data.

Ben Turner is a fraud specialist. He was once Chief Actuary at Texas Mutual Workers’ Compensation Insurance, but now he runs an organization called ‘Fraud Spotters’. For obvious reasons, the election controversy piqued his interest.

That isn’t to say he had any initial indications that the election was rigged. In fact, he was pretty confident that the Dominion machines were just fine. As for his political leanings, he may personally be a Republican, but the others in his office are definitely not.

By his calculations — which were replicated by Epoch Times — points to an average of 3% Democrat bump in places that adopted Dominion machines. That’s even AFTER accounting for seven different types of control variables.

The outrageous-seeming nature of the allegations was somewhat offset by specific concerns raised by various other sources (including news sources) long before the election itself, so he took a look.

Unless his calculations have a fatal flaw in them — which he’s perfectly willing to have someone prove to him — there is a real problem with these machines that will require an audit on a massive scale.

You can find his study here at fraudspotters (dot) com.

“If I’ve done something wrong with the analysis, then maybe somebody out there will prove it wrong, and that’s fine with me. I’d rather get to the truth than be right. I felt like if I didn’t publish this, I’m a coward.”

He looked at how, county-by-county, election results changed between the 2008 and 2020 presidential races, measuring whether adoption of Dominion would have any overall effect on the changes. He picked the 2008 election because, at the time, only New York State had widely adopted Dominion, according to data from VerifiedVoting.Org. He excluded New York from the analysis, leaving him 657 counties that have adopted Dominion and 2,388 that have not as of 2020.

He found that Dominion use was associated with a 1.55 percentage point decrease in the Republican vote and a 1.55 percentage point increase in the Democratic vote in the presidential race.

He controlled for the differences in county population, the number of votes cast, urban/rural population split, population growth, international immigration rate, low-education population, high “natural amenity” areas, high “creative class” population, and manufacturing dependency.

…In his estimation, the results were significant enough to potentially flip elections in at least four states. In Georgia, only about 0.24 percent of votes would need to be shifted from one candidate to the other for the state to flip. In Arizona, only one county—the populous Maricopa County—uses Dominion, but the margin there is so thin that shifting 0.51 percent of Maricopa’s votes could flip the state. In Wisconsin, 2.05 percent of votes in counties using Dominion would need to be shifted; in Nevada, 2.5 percent.

Although his analysis indicated on average about a 3-point “Dominion effect,” it may be higher in some states and lower in others, he said.

“If you believe the Dominion effect is real, it is not hard to believe that this effect would be greater in swing states and could have swung these four states into Biden’s column, putting the electoral college in his favor,” he wrote. —EpochTimes

We need a full audit of Dominion machines in each of those states — like the one done in that one county in Michigan — and we ought to get it done before inauguration so that we know whether these votes are, in fact, as compromised as that one in Michigan is.

After all, there is still a Constitutional provision for how a vote can be decided if the vote has been compromised… we have even used it once before.

After all, President Nixon himself once said, the American people have a right to know if their President is a crook.

It took a lot of cojones for this man to stick his neck out like this.

The least we can do is discover whether or not his theory is correct.

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