WATCH: TUCKER Puts Biden’s ‘Chinese Model Of Democracy’ On BLAST

Written by Wes Walker on December 16, 2020

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After four years of ‘Russia Collusion’ stories, you’d think the left’s talking heads genuinely opposed the idea of oligarchs. You’d be wrong.

They don’t actually hate oligarchs. They hate TRUMP and the Republican agenda he was pressing. Russian oligarchs were merely a convient unfalsifiable smear tactic they could pelt him with for a while… until the Times had the editorial meeting in which they officially traded that narrative for ‘Trump’s a racist’. That was August 2019 and we all see how that played out.

How does the American left REALLY feel about oligarchs? They quite like them, actually.

They even cede enormous amounts of political power to their wealthy benefactors… in exchange for the money and press their billionaire benefactors can provide them.

It’s a tidy little quid-pro-quo, just like what you’d see with Putin and his oligarch buddies — or Communist China, for that matter.

Interstingly enough, now that we mention it, American oligarchs tend to make a crapton of money from their Chinese business interests, don’t they?

There couldn’t possibly be any conflicts of interests we should worry about, could there?

We could trust the partisan press to reporton them if there were, right? Just like they faithfully reported the stories about Hunter’s shady business dealings with China and Burisma?

Yes, actually.

Precisely like they did for that Hunter Biden story.