One Small Act Of Defiance … In A Land Of Compelled Compliance

Written by Wes Walker on December 28, 2020

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In another one of the stories ClashDaily covered today — COVIDICTATORS: Shoppers Flip Out When One Woman Says ‘No Mas’ To The Mask (VIDEO) — a woman took a very simple stand.

There was no rage, no yelling, no name-calling, no pofanity. She didn’t even raise her voice. She simply made it clear that since she was not ill, and asymptomatic transmission of the virus is not a medically sound assertion, she is under no obligation, legal or moral, to wear the stupid mask.

That video made the rounds on social media. This was originally posted either by someone who supported this woman’s act of defiance and put it up to encourage others to do likewise or by someone who hated it and wanted to make an example of this woman.

Each possibility says something about how far we’ve come as a society in the last 12 months.

We already knew that we were fast becoming a culture of chicken***t pajama-boys curtseying to cultural demands for fear of being canceled and thrown out of polite society — or even a job. Hell, almost half of our non-political stories have documented that descent in real-time.

What we did NOT know is just how quickly we would trade freedom for the promise of security if we did exactly what our ‘betters’ the ‘experts’ told us we must do to be safe from risk.

One hundred years ago, the Russian people bought the lie of a politician’s promise of ‘Peace. Land. Bread.’ His name was Vladamir Lenin. Not only did he fail that promise, he unleashed hell on his country from which they’ve never entirely recovered.

Today, we’ve replaced Lenin’s promise of ‘Peace. Land. Bread’ with a message of health and safety… and we’re already a long way down that same road.

If this was a coward’s courage posting a video to destroy someone he or she disagreed with, that’s bad for some obvious reasons.

If it was a call to action to stand with the fortitude and conviction that this woman had in her shopping experience? It’s almost worse. It tells us how far we’ve come that non-compliance with a mask is now considered a standard of courage for others to follow.

The COVIDictators have an Achilles Heel. They can only enforce their will against a fearful population.

The left has long since figured out that to ‘become ungovernable’ means authorities have nothing to threaten the dissenters with — the numbers have overwhelmed their capacity to respond.

What if all the small businesses that are going under decided to do the same? Simply go about their lives as though these COVID rules had never been given. The consent of the governed can be withheld.

For that matter, so could taxes. If businesses went on a tax strike until their city or state was reopened, suddenly government revenues would be impacted. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see how long it took before the virus became a secondary issue if government jobs at the state or municipal level suddenly felt the same pinch as the small businesses?

‘All in this together’… right?

Maybe it’s time for the law-abiding contributors in society to remind the ‘governing class’ exactly why a Republic is a representative democracy, and that the consent of the governed can be revoked.

There are many ways for a law-abiding and peaceful people to revolt against the overreach of tyrants.

Maybe it’s time for a nation of free men and women to remind our ‘leaders’ what exactly it means to live as free men and women.

If dead weight needs to be culled as ‘non-essential’, it’s not going to be neighborhood florists, tattoo parlors, delis, and mom & pop shops.

Trump was sent as a bulldozer to the established order… but he’s not the only one who can stand and fight. There are more of us than there are of them.

And more importantly?

WE are profit and they are overhead.

Don’t let them forget it.

As for examples of courage? That’s a step in the right direction, sure.

But we can do much better than that. For example…

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