PAY FOR PLAY? Look At The Date Amazon Hired Relative Of Insider To Biden World As White House Lobbyist

Written by Wes Walker on December 28, 2020

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Is this a clever lobbying ploy? Or is this a naked attempt to buy political access in a party that has all but advertised itself as being ‘for sale’?

After all, why should Biden Inc. get all the profit for selling political access?

Now we’ve got a big-tech Billionaire — who just happens to own WaPo — who’s hired someone that basically creates his own back-channel version of that Cold War hotline between Washington and the Kremlin.

Shareholders would expect nothing less of him — after all, Democrats, including Biden, have made it very clear that they think Amazon isn’t paying its fair share.

If a tax-and-spend party is poised to take power, doesn’t it make sense to have a voice in Biden’s ear directing policy in ways that will minimize Amazon’s exposure to political harm?

The brother to one of President-elect Joe Biden’s closest advisors just picked up Amazon as a new client.

Jeff Ricchetti, the brother of Biden’s White House counselor Steve Ricchetti, recently secured a lobbying contract with Amazon, according to a new lobbying disclosure report.

The report shows Ricchetti registered to lobby for Services LLC., on Nov. 13, just a week after Biden was projected to defeat President Donald Trump. Amazon lists the limited liability business on its website as part of its group of companies.

Ethics attorneys have previously told CNBC that Steve Ricchetti, who was also once a lobbyist over a decade ago, may have to recuse himself from matters that could impact his brother’s clients.

A person familiar with the brothers’ relationship said they keep their professional lives entirely separate and that Jeff Ricchetti would never lobby Steve Ricchetti. –CNBC

And he swore up and down that it never happened, and would never happen.

But after what we’ve seen of the swamp — including weaponizing the IRS against the Tea Party, CIA spying on the Senate, falsification of evidence in the criminal prosecution of a decorated general (Flynn), unlawful surveillance and entrapment, destruction of evidence harmful to a political ally, and so on — do we really take DC politicians at their word?

If a Big-Tech billionaire hired the brother of Biden’s White House counselor scant DAYS after Biden was declared the front-runner are we really expected to believe there will be no conversations between the brothers?

Bezos must be a pretty crappy businessman if his lobbyist has no real access or power. If this isn’t a naked attempt to buy access to the (possibly) incoming administration, what is it?

Then again, such bland denials shouldn’t surprise us. Joe Biden assured us the very same thing about Hunter and his international business deals. The press covered up any story that might shed doubt on that claim. Naturally.

But we did later learn that Joe Biden, Jill Biden, Hunter Biden, and a Chinese oligarch from the CCP — and some interesting connections to the energy companies, including nuclear sales — were to be office mates that each needed their own copies of the keys.

No connections to Hunter’s international business dealings, though. He’s not compromised, or a Manchurian candidate, they tell us.

The only real way to test that theory is to reassign Steve to some other government position in which he has no close contact to Joe Biden or his White House dealings.