Ossoff’s Millionaire Dad Has Some Disturbing Connections To The Communist Chinese

Written by Wes Walker on December 9, 2020

What is it about the Democrats and their seemingly endless connections to the Communist Chinese?

First, there’s Swalwell, who may or may not have a story to tell about ‘the Chinese spy who shagged me’. (It’s ‘classified’… sure it is. Bet you had a ‘Canadian’ girlfriend in high school, too.)

Then there’s Feinstein. And Hunter Biden.

And a whole host of Biden appointees that are inexplicably sanguine about warm relations with China. (Which may be related to the point about Hunter Biden, come to think of it.)

But we’re seeing it elsewhere, too.

Like in one of the make-or-break candidates for the Georgia Senate runoff race.

In a race where they are working like crazy to portray themselves as, well, NOT crazy… we’re seeing that their connections are anything BUT mainstream.

Unless you happen to be the sort of Democrat who thinks financial connections to the Communist Chinese actually IS ‘mainstream’.

Georgia Democratic Senate candidate Jon Ossoff’s millionaire father met with Chinese “dignitaries” while touring a 60-foot yacht he purchased from a China-based shipbuilder tied to Communist Party officials.

Richard Ossoff, who has bankrolled his son’s upstart political career, commissioned China-based Jet-Tern Marine to build the custom vessel in 2008, U.S. Coast Guard records show. Before shipping the yacht to the United States, the company held a “sea trial” for “customers Heather and Richard Ossoff, of Atlanta, Georgia, USA,” in order to test the million-dollar vessel’s performance, with “many” Chinese dignitaries in attendance.

“The Selene 1519 sea trial was attended by the customers, many dignitaries from Pingsha and Zhuhai, the press, the Deputy Governor, the Bureau Chief, and the editor of China Boating magazine,” a since-deleted press release stated. “At many times as many as 40-50 people were aboard but the large yacht never felt crowded.”

…The yacht marks another tie between the Ossoff family and a Chinese company linked to Communist leaders. Jon Ossoff’s foreign film company, Insight TWI, has received at least $5,000 from CCP-backed media giant PCCW in the last two years. Ossoff failed to disclose the payment in a May financial report before quietly revealing it in an amended filing issued nearly two months later. His campaign went on to blame a “paperwork oversight” for the discrepancy. –FreeBeacon

This guy and the radical Marxist ‘pastor’ are running to tip the balance of power in the Senate to the Democrats and put the gavel in Chuck Schumer’s hand.

Do we really believe he can be trusted?

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