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PEACE PREZ: Trump Administration Hits Yet ANOTHER Milestone In Middle East Peace Process

While Biden rushes to cobble together the same administration that left much of the Middle East a smoldering crater in the hands of a terrorist caliphate, Team Trump is putting the finishing flourishes on a peace deal Iran can’t easily undo.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

This will come as bad news for any Russians and Chinese officials hoping that Biden — if they manage to install him as President — was going to help them prop up their Iranian buddies in the region.

A new alignment between the Arabs and Israelis changes the regional power dynamics. Completely.

Israel and Morocco plan to reopen economic liaison offices, which were closed in 2002, and work quickly to exchange ambassadors and begin direct flights, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said.

…The Trump administration viewed finalizing establishment of ties between the two countries as a prime goal in the past few weeks.
White House Senior Adviser Jared Kushner said normalization “comes on the heels of four years of very, very hard work and very intense diplomacy.”
“The team, led by Jared Kushner, has worked on this deal for over a year,” Avi Berkowitz, Special Representative for International Negotiations, who took part in negotiating the normalization agreement, told The Jerusalem Post. He added that he hopes that the deal will lead to a warm peace between the two countries.
The move is the culmination of a successful year of upgrading Israel’s relations with Arab and Muslim countries, beginning with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visiting Chad and meeting Sudan’s leader in Uganda, the Abraham Accords, as well as the warming relations and cooperation with Saudi Arabia, in addition to a number of other Arab states.

…Ashkenazi said “today is another great day for Israeli diplomacy, a day of light befitting the holiday of Hanukkah.
“Renewing relations between Israel and the Kingdom of Morocco is an important part of the Abraham Accords that reflects the deep and longstanding friendship between the nations. I call on more nations to join the Abraham Accords’ circle,” he stated.
Ashkenazi added that he would like to light Hanukkah candles at the Israeli embassy in Rabat next year. –JerusalemPost

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