COVIDICTATOR: Governor Andrew Cuomo Suspends Indoor Dining In NYC Indefinitely

Written by K. Walker on December 11, 2020

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Governor Andrew “Grandma Killer” Cuomo is shutting down indoor dining in NYC — but The Science™ and The Data™ don’t seem to be on his side.

Gov. Cuomo announced from on high on Friday that indoor dining in New York City will be suspended indefinitely as of Monday due to “sustained increases” in COVID-19 case positivity rates and hospitalizations in the five boroughs. He’s not closing the door on the possibility of larger shutdowns if the cases of the highly-contagious respiratory virus don’t slow down.

So, here’s the thing — it appears that a recent study cited by Gov. Cuomo during his Coronavirus presser shows that indoor dining isn’t a vector for significant spread. According to the chart that Cuomo posted earlier in the presser, “Restaurants/Bars” are responsible for 1.43% of the coronavirus cases in New York between September through November.

As noted by Jimmy Vielkind, the Wall Street Journal reporter covering NY politics on Twitter…

So, he’s shutting down indoor dining for less than 1.5% of the spread?! Apparently so.

One more thing to take notice of in this clip…

Governor Cuomo made sure to mention that the federal government should have to pick up the tab for the businesses that will be hurt by the indefinite shutdown that he’s imposing that isn’t supported by The Data™.

So, he gets to pull the plug on businesses to appease his authoritarian tendencies, but you get to foot the bill.



In addition, Cuomo also announced that the metrics for determining the “zone” in the micro-cluster model have been recalibrated to reflect new data. New data in New York suggests that the rate of transmission (Rt) is at 1.3, which means that on average, one COVID-positive person will infect 1.3 additional people. This means that the spread of the illness will be more rapid than their previous models suggested.

The new metrics will include the new metrics of the density/crowding of the area, as well as the risk level of the economic activity.

The new zones will be determined as follows:

Red Zone — reaching 90 percent hospital capacity within 21 days. This will trigger a shutdown.

Orange Zone — 4 percent positivity rate or higher for 10 straight days and has reached 85 percent hospital capacity or the Department of Health determines the area has an unacceptably high rate of hospital admissions.

Yellow Zone — 3 percent positivity rate or higher for 10 straight days and the area is in the top 10 percent per hospital capacity over the past week and has week-over-week growth in daily admissions.

There are currently no Red Zones in the state of New York.

There a couple of things to note from this clip as well…

Gov. Cuomo is clearly upset that 0.69% of the spread came from “religious activities” and he desperately wants to squash that even further. He’s probably pissed that the Supreme Court knocked the wind out of his Dictatorial sails by ruling that his restrictions on houses of worship were unconstitutional. I mean, don’t they know that he got an Emmy for his COVID pressers, as well as the Edward M. Kennedy Award for Killing People and Getting Away With it Inspired Leadership, and that he literally wrote the book on leadership during a pandemic? It’s like they weren’t even watching the Cuomo Bros Comedy Hour on CNN.

Cuomo clearly says that if there is an increase in cases it’s the community’s fault and singles out places of worship along with grocery stores and neighborhoods for the spread of a virus that is likely spread through the air according to the CDC.

You hear that, New Yorkers? According to Governor Cuomo, your skirt was too short — or maybe it’s because you’re not wearing a mask.

Cuomo says that “God will still take people” and the state government is not “trying to stop death” but just trying to save lives.

Killing someone’s business because you’re not sure what else you can do is a pretty high cost, especially if it means that they can no longer provide for their family and have no hope. COVID relief is temporary. Suicide is permanent.

That’s a pretty big cost, Mr. Governor.

What happened to “if it saves just one life”?

Oh, right. This is Governor Cuomo we’re talking about.

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