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PORTLAND: Antifa Clashes With Cops, Sets Up ‘Autonomous Zone’ Over ‘Red House’ Controversy

Here we go again. If you thought the prospect of a Biden presidency would be enough to quell the anarchists, the anarchists have other plans.

Or did everyone miss the memo about the Biden/Harris office getting trashed by Antifa protesters and tagged with Anarchist symbols, and, if memory serves, the hammer and sickle.

Now it seems Portland’s ‘mostly peaceful’ protesters have managed to hit critical mass for an homage to Seattle’s so-called ‘autonomous zone’. It was called CHAZ until, when people were afraid ‘autonomous’ might come with some consequences they didn’t care for, and they renamed it CHOP.

Here is one of the, uh, ‘lovely’ participants who won herself a free ride in a cop car.

(I think Seinfield used the word ‘breath-taking’ in these situations.)

Mayor Wheeler made a bold proclamation. But it was all talk.

The violence happened in broad daylight, and by evening, Mayor Ted Wheeler sent out a statement saying he was authorizing Portland Police ‘to use all lawful means to end the illegal occupation … There will be no autonomous zone in Portland.’

‘It’s time for the encampment and occupation to end,’ Wheeler said in a statement that also acknowledged the issues the protesters want to fix, such as housing and health care. –DailyMail

Seems like Antifa didn’t get Wheeler’s memo.

What’s this all about?

It all began with a lawful eviction from a little red house.

Squatters have been illegally occupying a home from which legal eviction notices have been served. Now they are getting a little help from their friends.

The protest erupted after police raided a house on Mississippi Avenue around 5 a.m. on Tuesday. For months, radical left-wing activists had been occupying the property known as the “Red House” to protect squatters who were legally served multiple eviction notices.

The Portland Police Bureau assisted the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office this morning in initially clearing out the property. Police encountered resistance, including from a person with a firearm who was taken into custody. Several other guns were recovered at the scene. Soon after, Antifa accounts on social media called for comrades to retake the space.

“There is an active call for numbers, defensive gear and supplies, and change of clothes/bloc,” tweeted the Pacific Northwest Youth Liberation Front. “Get up and get your ass to 4406 N Mississippi Ave.” –PostMillenial

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