STILL FIGHTING: Here’s The Video Trump Tweeted Out To Show It

Written by Wes Walker on December 20, 2020

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You didn’t think the deep state has him discouraged, did you? Trump’s the guy who keeps pressing until that final buzzer sounds. And he’s not throwing in the towel any time soon.

With what we’re hearing about Herr Zuckerberg’s sketchy shadow political campaign, we’re glad he’s keeping the heat on the Left.

Who would benefit if the Deep state were exposed and blocked from their attempt to cram a candidate down our throats through a highly-questionable and tainted process?

The short answer… everyone.

Here’s a recap.

That’s a lot of people cheering for Trump.

Of different countries…


And creeds.

Meanwhile, Biden inspired more votes than any President in all of American history… even though he didn’t even get OBAMA’s endorsement until after Bernie Sanders had formally supported him.

But don’t suggest anything sketchy is going on.

That’s verboten.

Herr Zuck has spoken.