Yes, Trump COULD Deep-Six Biden’s Paris Accord Aspirations.. Here’s How

Written by Wes Walker on December 20, 2020

Biden is all-in with the Eco-nazis, with newly-acquired religious zeal to rival AOC’s. Either that, or the focus groups have told him to say so.

Either way, he’s been making a big deal about the bold plans he’s making to go hard with the Environmental agenda.

One of his first priorities is to re-enter that Paris Accord.

Forget the fact that USA has done more to reduce emissions while NOT participating in the Paris Accord than all of Europe has while being full participants in it.

That’s not the point. The point is that USA will be subjugating its sovereign will to an unaccountable foreign oversight body… complete with punishments for American non-compliance.

They called it an ‘accord’ and they joined with one of Obama’s pen-and-a-phone acts of political sleight of hand.

Any treaty into which the United States of America enters must be ratified by the Senate. Noteworthy is the fact that the Paris Accord — which is a binding agreement with punishments for non-compliance — was never ratified by the Senate.

And that little detail may come to bite Biden — and Obama — in the ass.

The Paris Agreement is a legally binding international treaty that calls on members to work toward a climate-neutral global economy — one that doesn’t increase greenhouse gases that raise the planet’s temperature — by the middle of the century. The members update their plans every five years.

One libertarian U.S. think tank wants Trump, who walked away from the deal on the grounds that it would drain American jobs and wealth, to use what amounts to a legal maneuver to stymie Biden’s plans.

“We are encouraging him to review the agreement and recognize that it is in fact a treaty and transmit it before January 20 to the Senate for its advice,” Myron Ebell, Center for Energy and Environment director at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, said on a conference call on Thursday. “If that happens, the treaty will be in limbo until such time as the Senate decides to vote on it.”

…The Senate would need a two-thirds majority to ratify the treaty, something that is unlikely due to the makeup of Congress’ upper chamber. Republicans currently hold a 50-48 edge over Democrats with two runoffs in Georgia set for Jan. 5. –FoxBusiness

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