Two Takes On Why Media Finally Broke Their Silence On The Hunter Biden Investigation

Written by Wes Walker on December 14, 2020

Loserthink. That’s the term Scott Adams invented to describe the sort of wrongheaded thinking that leads people to jump to the wrong conclusions… including some that Democrats are famous for.

The species of Loserthink most relevant here is the pretended ability to read someone’s mind. They see a Republican do ‘x’ and they absolutely know the *real* and *hidden* malicious intent that lurks behind an action or policy. Blah, blah, blah.

It’s never because we think a policy is the good or right one for a situation, it’s because we want to hurt group x, or oppress group y, or pay off our corporate overlords. You’ve heard it all before.

Playing that game is objectively stupid.

But that doesn’t change the fact that sometimes we see behavior — in particular, a change in behavior — that calls for an answer to the question ‘what changed’?

If, for instance, the press had been interested in, and open to derogatory news stories that affected politicians regardless of party affiliation both before and after the election, it wouldn’t be newsworthy that they were reporting about one now.

In reality, they were actively suppressing the Hunter Biden laptop story — despite the fact that it was corroborated by a real-live business associate, a Democrat, who claimed first-hand knowledge of payoffs to the Biden family — including Joe — in sketchy business dealings from Chinese communists and other foreign players.

Until something happened to change their tune. Before the election, both the press and Big Tech conspired together to suppress and discredit a story that America’s oldest daily paper was reporting.

Now, a few weeks later, those same news sources are reporting an investigation into those very same facts as though it’s the first time anyone had ever heard of them.

Why the about-face? Denying and dismissing this as bogus news before the election, and reporting it after the election. The ‘before’ story is easy to account for if you recognize their heavily left-leaning biases. They didn’t want ANY stories that would help Trump, even a little.

But why suddenly start reporting it after the fact?

Even the Biden transition team announcing the investigation was ONLY in response to CNN finally doing some reporting into the story. LMAO: CNN Gets Played By Biden Transition Team On Their Hunter Biden Scoop

Innocent explanations are difficult to come by, especially with the damning window Project Veritas has provided into CNN’s editorial decisions that have been consistently and resolutely pro-Biden and anti-Trump. PROJECT VERITAS, CNN: Cuban-Bashing, Hiding Hunter And ‘National Security Threats’

Of the remaining cynical explanations, two theories best fit the known facts.


The media has been openly cheering for the Democrat win, and, until now, deflecting every attack against him.

Why would they suddenly let some attacks through?

The same way the Clintons have been managing their scandals for years. Innoculating themselves against the scandal by managing how it’s delivered and answered.

Between the time the first small leaks come out and the full story comes to light, there has been a series of seemingly inconsequential mini-scandals that are dismissed and explained away until – when the full scandal finally comes to light – the indignant politician asks if we’re ‘still‘ talking about this ‘old news‘ and ‘debunked‘ accusation.

This is what the word ‘Clintonian’ meant until Hillary’s Presidential run had the dictionaries scrub the popular meaning of the term to put a boring, clinical, political policy term in its place.

You will notice they are reporting only the most benign of the accusations being made against him (failure to report taxes) and not the securities crimes or other financial dealings with powerful foreign parties.

Theory Two — A Kamala Coup

If speaking openly about these accusations against Hunter is not motivated by a desire to air them now, during the transition period, so that they don’t have the same sting of controversy in January when Joe expects to take office, there is another explanation — Trump had Joe pegged all along.

It is possible (at least in theory) that backers on the Left never really intended for Joe to finish a full term.

If Hunter gets caught up in a corruption scandal, Joe might (to cite his own words) ‘fake an illness and step down’ BIDEN ON CNN: Mask Mandate For 100 Days; Only Trusts A Fauci-Approved Vaccine; Might Fake An Illness And Resign


Biden stepping down for ‘the greater good’ could be painted by a friendly press as Joe doing the honorable thing ‘for the good of the country’, while Democrats get something they never could have gotten even in their own primaries — Kamala Harris in the White House.

Kamala’s run for leadership was so weak that she dropped out in December of 2019.

If Kamala Harris ascends to the White House, it’s a big win for the intersectional Left, one that Leftists will be certain to use in an attempt to innoculate Kamala from any criticism from her Hard-Left policy agenda.

Anyone who opposes the agenda will be written off as a misogynist bigot… no matter HOW anti-American the policy she’s pushing might actually be.

It also checks a box for the Democrats getting the first ‘woman of color’ into office which will, no doubt, be leveraged to win back some of the black voting block that has begun to abandon the Democrats in recent years.