AOC Demands Sen. Ted Cruz’s Resignation, Ted Hits Back — HARD

Written by Wes Walker on January 8, 2021

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Her bully tactics might be enough to push Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats around… but Ted Cruz is NOT backing down.

Ted Cruz posted a tweet denouncing the violence in the Capitol building this week, calling for unity and cooler heads to prevail.

In response, AOC did what comes naturally to her side’s jackboot inclinations. She ‘didn’t let a crisis go to waste.’

She had a perfect opportunity to embody all those principles of a ‘return to normalcy’ that Joe pretended to run on, to stand united and try to bring calm and peace to a tense situation, facilitating that much-‘smooth transition of power’ they keep claiming to care about did she take it? No.

Why would she? Her brand of bare-knuckle power politics has no room for such niceties.

Given an opening, she’ll stick a shiv between any opponent’s political ribs — be that a Republican, or Chuck Schumer (who she hasn’t ruled out primarying), or even Joe Biden. (She once complained that they were actually both in the same political party.)

Here is her reply to Cruz’s call to unity:

Ted Cruz was having none of it.

Pay careful attention to the left’s sleight of hand here.

They are trying to swap out the spirit of the American Revolution of 1776, for the vindictive cancel-culture that drove Robespierre’s French Revolution and the Reign of Terror.

Do NOT let your guard down. These next couple of years are going to be a test.

You can put some steel in your spines and be ready for it. Read about the lives of people who stood up in their own generations were able to rock in a hard place when the chips were down.

For all her bluster, AOC couldn’t hold a candle to ANY of these righteous chicas.

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