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COVIDICTATORS: NJ Seizes Bank Account Of Atilis Gym Owners Despite Pending Litigation

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You can file this gym’s ongoing fight against State Tyranny under the heading ‘not all heroes wear capes’.

They are not going to be bullied into obeying lawless orders, no matter WHAT the government threatens them with.

That puts them in good company. They have aligned themselves with the Founding Fathers, their Declaration, and the price they were willing to pay for it.

… the Founders emphatically placed their honor and duty ahead of their private rights. The Declaration says, in its second paragraph, that when a people is subjected to a long train of abuses aiming at absolute despotism, “it is their right, it is their duty,” to change the government. This duty is higher than one’s own personal survival or selfish interest. It may in fact require the sacrifice of one’s own life. That is why the Declaration concludes with these noble words: “We pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.” — Founding

To their undying shame, the State of New Jersey is quite happy to seize those fortunes in order to bring the full force of the state’s comply-or-perish instincts to bear on private businessmen refusing to genuflect and kiss the ring of those who would wield powers never extended to them.

And they’re taking unusual steps to do it. They are not fining the business, they are ‘piercing the LLC’ by fining the owners PERSONALLY for noncompliance to their Coronavirus orders.

Rather than paying fines whose basic validity and force of law the gym owners have contested, they exercised their right to challenge them in court.

The State is not waiting around for that ruling.

The co-owner of a South Jersey gym who has butted heads with state officials over his open defiance of coronavirus lockdown orders told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Thursday that the state “emptied out every single dollar that we have” amid a legal fight over the legitimacy of millions of dollars in related fines.

“As of yesterday morning, my partner [Frank Trumbetti] and I checked the bank statement … and we had no money in our bank account,” Atilis Gym co-owner Ian Smith told host Tucker Carlson.

Ian Smith tweeted Wednesday that New Jersey Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy “and his cronies” had seized “100%” of their legal defense funds, an amount he said totaled $173,613.60.

Smith further argued that the seizure amounts to “effectively and intentionally interfering with our right to council [sic].

“If you think that’s gonna make us stand down, you’re delusional,” he concluded.

Gyms are allowed to remain open in New Jersey, provided they follow COVID-19 protocols. According to Smith, Atilis Gym patrons are not required to wear masks, thus violating the protocols. The Bellmawr establishment is fined $15,000 every day it remains open and does not adhere to the protocols.

“This is in the middle of an appeals process and ongoing litigation in the matter of the fines and several other matters regarding the state, including a lawsuit against Governor Murphy and [State Health Commissioner] Judith Persichilli,” Smith explained. —FoxNews

With the state being hellbent on shutting down the gym, surely this particular gym must be a major contributor to and source of viral contagion, right?

Actually, last time we checked, not a SINGLE instance of viral spread was traced back to their establishment.

One wonders whether the same can be said about each and every one of the State’s own government facilities that have remained open through the pandemic? That line of questioning might make for an interesting conversation starter, while standing before a judge in a courthouse, don’t you think?

We salute these patriots for standing up to government thuggery, and encourage our readers to support them in any way you can — whether it’s sharing their story, or getting involved with opportunities to support their legal effort. Their website is here.

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