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Despite Grandiose COVID Promises, Most Of Biden’s Team Was STILL In The Dark

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Now that he is about to sit in the Big Chair and be expected to make good on his promises, where are the experts he surrounded himself with? Most of them …still in the dark almost until game day itself.

Isn’t that exactly what we said would happen when Joe’s campaign promises sounded like a re-hash of the very plans Trump was already in the process of executing, with a generous seasoning of ‘believe the science’ added in?

Platitudes and a couple of bucks might get you a cup of coffee, Joe, but nothing more. You say you wanted this job. You set the expectations high — like you would personally be some kind of a messiah, saving the nation from all the mistakes and incompetence you were so certain were behind the problems under your predecessor.

If he’s not relying on his big team of experts, who’s REALLY calling the shots here? We’re not getting ourselves into another Ben Rhodes hand-picked flunkie situation here, are we?

When President-elect Joe Biden announced his Covid-19 advisory board in November, he promised its health care experts would play a critical role in shaping his pandemic response plan.

But, on the eve of Biden’s Thursday rollout, the board members are largely in the dark about the plan’s details, according to three people familiar.

Biden’s Covid-19 response — portions of which will be laid out by the president-elect in a prime-time speech here — is expected to serve as a blueprint for pandemic efforts across the government, including a range of initiatives designed to boost testing, speed the development of new coronavirus therapies and distribute vaccines to hundreds of millions of Americans.

But most of the Covid advisory board, which Biden formed within days of the election as part of an effort to demonstrate that ending the pandemic would be his top priority, will not be briefed on the plan until tomorrow afternoon.

Since November, the 16-member board has often served as the public face for the transition’s pandemic messaging — with members appearing frequently on television and in other forums to discuss the health crisis and reinforce Biden’s resolve to end it. –Politico

So the experts who were supposed to cook up Biden’s big plan are in the dark right up until seven days before Trump becomes a private citizen again?

Do NOT expect us to let you get away with Obama’s go-to deflection of ‘it was Dubya’s fault’. (Not that his buddies in the press will look for ways to BBQ him for it the way they did Trump, but WE will be watching.)

Despite your cherry-picked facts, you inherited a strong economy that was hit with artifically and temporarily diminished indicators that were the direct result of government-ordered shutdowns.

If the business had not been disrupted by the virus, this was on it’s way to being the strongest economy we have ever seen. If this administration does NOT see that sustained, this administration, and the decisions they make, will have to answer for it.

It’s a similar situation with the vaccine.

Before COVID came to town, the mumps vaccine was the fastest ever developed, and that took 4 years. Project Warp Speed delivered at least 3 different patient-ready viable vaccines in a matter of months.

Trump gets little (if any) credit for Project Warp Speed’s role in making that happen, or how other urgent supply needs were met along the way … which he was able to pull off as a direct result of a lifetime of business experience swinging big deals with moving parts, conflicting priorities, and tight delivery deadlines.

The Democrats and the press only interested in ways they can pin blame on him.

What is Trump being criticized for? The so-called ‘Authoritarian’ has empowered State Governors to exercise control over the rollout strategy in ways that best suit the individual needs and priorities of their individual states.

New York, for instance, has already readjusted its rollout priorities in response to public outcry about how (among other complaints) it had wasted vaccines through bureaucratic ineptitude.

Florida, on the other hand — which is not in a state of semi-permanent lockdown — has a very different story:

Bumbling Joe thinks he’s going to ride to the rescue, does he?

Or is Joe just a lying, dog-faced pony soldier?

Does he even have a hot clue what real leadership looks like? It looks like this.

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