WTF? ‘Pious’ Banks Freeze Republican Donations, But Forget What ‘Uprisings’ THEY Have Recently Funded

Written by Wes Walker on January 11, 2021

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Remember how Biden tried to frame himself as the little guy from Scranton, while Trump’s buddies were the big bankers from Wall Street? Looks like we just caught him in yet ANOTHER lie.

Banks are joining the war on conservative thought, and they are freezing accounts of people for so-called thoughtcrime.

Why? Because they figure Trump supporters are leading the charge and calling for some kind of a nutty violent insurrection.

No, really. They believe that. And they don’t want to be seen as supporting violent criminals. They must think we have a REALLY short memory.

J.P. Morgan Chase, the nation’s biggest bank by assets and market capitalization, said it is halting donations through its PAC for six months. Citigroup, the third-largest U.S. bank by assets, is reportedly pressing pause on political donations for the first quarter of 2020.

Goldman Sachs put the kibosh on donations pending a review of “how people acted during this period,” according to the New York Times, with the likely result that it will exclude Republican politicians who challenged the 2020 election results. Morgan Stanley also said it is stopping political contributions. It is considering withdrawing support for any politicians who voted against certifying Joe Biden’s electoral college win.

Bank of American and Wells Fargo are still considering their response but are likely to follow the path chosen by their competitors.

Typically, bank contributions to political action committees and politicians are considered by the Americana public some of the worst intersections of money and politics. The current situation has given the banks a rare opportunity to pose as do-gooders, even while implicitly pressuring politicians to win back their favor by adopting pro-Wall Street stances.

Corporate America is also freezing donations. So far, Marriott, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Boston Scientific have said they will close their political purse strings. –Breitbart

Meanwhile, these same entities have thrown countless millions at various expressions of the left’s militant BLM and/or Antifa wings of the party. You know, the kinds of people responsible for bailing out people who attack politicians’ private homes, and federal buildings like ICE, or State Courthouses.

BLM and Antifa have literally held parts of the American Northwest under siege for months… including declaring a few blocks of downtown Seattle ‘autonomous’. This is what ‘insurrection’ really looks like. Hundreds of law enforcement officers have been injured — some of them maimed. People have been assaulted, shot at, and even murdered for holding the ‘wrong’ political views. And now, the Banks are proving that behavior will be rewarded on the Left.