BIDEN PRESS SEC: Shamelessly Spins Biden’s Mask Hypocrisy… Will She Get The ‘Spicer’ Treatment?

Written by Wes Walker on January 22, 2021

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Aside from the aptly-named ‘Mooch’ who flipped teams to profit from the lucrative never-Trump grift machine, Trump Press Secretaries have been the target of particular venom and hatred from the beginning.

Let’s check in on how things are going with the new administration’s spin-doctor in chief.

Biden wrote the mask rule himself, and he couldn’t follow it for a full day, let alone 100 of them? Now she’s faced with a (polite) question about it.

Is she any good at what she does?

Oof. That was pretty rough.

What’s the matter? Are you new here? If you’re going to lie to our faces, at least be like everyone ELSE in DC and make it look effortless.

The same media that lapped up every honeyed lie fed to them from the Obama team — to the point of Ben Rhodes even bragging that they were his own ‘echo chamber’ parsed every syllable uttered by the 45th President’s, with the expectation that some kind of a lie lurked inside every statement.

Sarah Huckabee-Sanders was targeted and harassed while having a meal in a restaurant with her family, and Democrats like Maxine Waters approved. Forbes openly intimidated any company that would ‘dare’ to hire Kayleigh McEnany.

Even little Jim ‘Look-at-me” Acosta took the time to complain about the anniversary of being called ‘fake news’, now that Twitter has become a ‘safe space’ he doesn’t have to worry about Trump trolling him.

The new girl is going to get a pass obviously. Just like the marionette in the Oval Office always does.

We’ve been pleased with some of the powerful women that have been called upon to serve in that role in the recent past, but we have our reservations about the latest face to serve in this role.

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