Biden’s New Era Of ‘Unity’? Antifa’s Left Coast Rioters Didn’t Get The Memo

Written by Wes Walker on January 21, 2021

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After all the times Kamala helped bail their buddies out of prison, you’d think they would be more grateful. Must be one of those situations that old ‘frog and the scorpion’ parable talks about.

Biden and Harris had their big bash Wednesday night, celebrating how their buddies in the press, Big Tech and a few choice law firms did the heavy lifting to drag their carcasses across the finish line to the White House as we enter this bold new era of forced conformity — I mean ‘unity’.

We’re headed right back to the ‘or else’ days of Obama, except now the Democrats have a lock on Social Media that his old boss could have only fantasized about. As in, ‘agree with us and play nice, or we’re going to shove it down your throats and look for ways to make it burn in the process’. At least, that’s what initial signs are pointing to, time will tell.

You’d think the left’s new total lock on power would be cause for some celebration from the militant wing of their party on the Left Coast. We’re all one step closer to a Bernie Sanders dystopian Hellscape. Bernie’s the freaking CHAIR of the finance committee for heaven’s sake. God help us all.

Funny thing about revolutionaries, they never seem to be satisfied with any wins they get. And that’s really the description that seems to best fit those rioters Harris helped post bail for. Pretty damned ironic you stop and think about what Trump is being accused of in those rushed impeachment proceedings, isn’t it?

Andy Ngo, as usual, is doing a great job of keeping a close eye on what’s going on there. Images and tweets that follow were shared through his timeline — if you’re still on Twitter, and you’re interested in Antifa rioters, he’s a great follow.

Are we still calling violence directed at government buildings a ‘insurrection’?

Because this really looks like violence directed toward government buildings.

Courthouses are government buildings too, right? What abot violence directed at them?

How about flipping over a car with strangers inside of it? Is that cool?

And preventing authorities from giving assistance to them?

Tell me again how the RIGHT is the scary domestic threat that should be keeping us all up at night.

These are the people that AOC and other Democrats view so fondly, and that Jerry Nadler dismissed as a mere myth.

They aren’t even trying to play coy about who they are. They are acting with impunity.

But that’s just part of the story, isn’t it?

The plot twist is where they trashed — get this — Oregon’s Democrat party Headquarters.

The Dems should have known better than to think these yahoos were reliable allies.

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