JUSTICE IS DEAD: Agent Who Signed Bogus Spygate Docs Serves Less Time Than Peeps He Helped Railroad

Written by Wes Walker on January 29, 2021

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Experts wonder what it will take to see ‘unity’? Having corrupt, but well-connected politicians and deep state actors actually pay a price for blowing off the Constitution might be a good start.

Just this week, we shared a story about the DOJ pressing charges on some chucklehead who posted one of the oldest political jokes known to any voting democracy. It’s a adaptation of the old saw ‘if you’re voting for my guy vote tomorrow… if you’re voting for the other guy, vote the next day’… but DOJ activists in high places are looking to take a scalp for ‘election interference’.

Do you know what scalp they will NOT take for ‘election interference’?

The British spy who (by his own admission) thought Hillary would be better for HIS country than Trump. He worked for Hilllary, colluded with Russians, had key players in the FBI falsify some of the necessary documentation so that they could open a case they all knew to be illegitimate against Trump’s inner circle… while criminalizing and bankrupting innocent people in an attempt to steal an election, or at least hamstring him if he happened to win.

Carter Page — who was WORKING as a CIA informant for OUR side AGAINST the freaking Russians had digital evidence against him falsified, exculpatory evidence HIDDEN, had a FISA warrant opened against him without cause.

Clinesmith is believed to be the very guy who DOCTORED the email that changed the proof of Page’s cooperation with the CIA so that it would say the exact opposite.

Another target of the thoroughly corrupt Crossfire Hurricane investigation pled down to 14 days for ‘lying to the FBI’.

Let’s see what bigwig members of that same FBI get when busted manufacturing evidence against mere citizens.

Former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith was sentenced to 12 months probation and 400 hours of community service Friday after pleading guilty to making a false statement in the first criminal case arising from now-Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation into the origins of the Trump-Russia probe.

Clinesmith in August pleaded guilty to “one count of making a false statement within both the jurisdiction of the executive branch and judicial branch of the U.S. government, an offense that carries a maximum term of imprisonment of five years and a fine of up to $250,000.”

U.S. District Judge for the District of Columbia James Boasberg on Friday during Clinesmith’s sentencing hearing said Clinesmith had suffered by losing his job and standing in the eye of a media hurricane.

Boasberg gave him 12 months probation, 400 hours of community service, and no fine.

Government prosecutors had been asking for Clinesmith to spend several months in jail.-FoxNews

Oh, ok.

We’ve got Swat Teams busting into people’s homes in the small hours of the day to make arrests designed to be political, provactative, and damaging to a political party.

We’ve got a sitting judge refusing to let go of charges against a decorated general who even the DOJ has acknowledge had been gaslighted by his own government and falsified charges against an innocent man who had been bankrupted by the process of defending himself against false charges.

We’ve got innocent civilians becoming the personification of Russian Collusion narratives with which the media daily cudgels their ideological opponents on the Right…

And we’re worried about how the guy whose falsified documents made it all possible might have his FEELINGS hurt, or the loss of his employment?

If Attorney #2 is correctly attributed to Clinesmith, THIS is who we are showing leniency to…

Among the general discussion of political issues by FBI Attorney 2, we identified three instant message exchanges that raised concerns of potential bias. The first of these exchanges was on October 28, 2016, shortly after Comey’s October 28 letter to Congress that effectively announced the reopening of the Midyear investigation. FBI Attorney 2 sent similar messages to four different FBI employees. The timestamps of these messages are included below. The messages stated:

13:44:42, to FBI Employee 1: “I mean, I never really liked the Republic anyway.”
13:44:52, to FBI Employee 2: “I mean, I never really liked the Republic anyway.”
14:01:52, to FBI Employee 3: “As I have initiated the destruction of the republic…. Would you be so kind as to have a coffee with me this afternoon?”
15:28:50, to FBI Employee 4: “I’m clinging to small pockets of happiness in the dark time of the Republic’s destruction”

And they’re giving him … Probation?

Lady Justice may be ‘blind’, but the American citizens sure the hell aren’t.

What kind of message does THAT send out? People who abuse raw political power like that against a fellow citizen don’t need ‘community hours’, they need to fear deeply and in their bones, REAL consequences.

Loss of law license. A permanent disbarring from any government or lobbyist position. Ten-year felonies. Loss of pension. Stripped of any legal immunity to personal damage lawsuits.

We could get a lot more creative than that, but we have laws on the books limiting the corporal punishment of the accused.

In the end, we need some kind of a deterrent strong enough that anyone who is asked to do it would never dare comply. And a legal system not afraid to apply it equally to both sides.

That last part is where we run into trouble, though, isn’t it?

After all… let’s not forget what started this whole Russia Hoax ball rolling.

In Steele’s own words, it was intended as a head-fake to get people to stop talking about Hillary’s emails during an election cycle.

Said differently — it was a brazen attempt to rig an election.

And NOBODY is paying a price for it… could that be because they’re all Democrats?

Smart money says yes.

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