COVIDICTATOR: Dr. Fauci Is Now Advocating For ‘Double-Masking’

Written by K. Walker on January 26, 2021

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They’re never going to let us live normally ever again, will they?

We’ve got several vaccines currently being administered, some therapeutics that seem to be effective, and more than 99% of healthy, young people who contract the coronavirus survive, but we’ve all got to cover our faces and isolate in our homes for the foreseeable future.

We should be grateful that he didn’t demand that we all don masks in our homes to “stop the spread.” Ah, who am I trying to kid — he’ll probably get there at some point.

The COVIDictators are doing their damnedest to make sure that we stay fearful and cowering while they tell us what’s best.

And they sure do love the masks. Remember when the head of the CDC said that masks were “more effective” than a vaccine while touching both sides of his used mask?

Dr. Anthony “I’ve Been Wrong Since Day 1” Fauci is now advocating for wearing two masks instead of just one because he says it’s just “common sense.”

Weird. Didn’t he say early on that wearing a mask wasn’t something that Americans needed to do?


I guess it’s now Fauci’s recommendation to wear both a surgical and a cloth mask…unless you’re at a ball game, that is.

Fauci’s First Pitch Was Even More Off-Base Than The Predictive Model He Relied On

Dr. Fauci seems to be loving the limelight and the authoritarianism that has been bestowed upon him to make diktats for the masses.

Let me guess… this sudden change is because we know so much more about the virus now, right?

Not really. It’s because it’s “common sense” according to the esteemed Doc.

Isn’t it just hilarious that Fauci says both “common sense” and “likely” in the same sentence? And that dumbasses will think that he’s speaking with authority.

But, it seems the buck should stop with Dr. Fauci, right?

Fauci Is America’s Highest-Paid Public Servant… Should The ‘Buck’ Stop THERE, Too?

Remember what else was “common sense” early in this pandemic? Disinfecting surfaces constantly (including your groceries,) lockdowns, keeping kids out of classrooms, and not trying cheap, effective medications that are no longer under a patent as therapeutics.

Does Dr. Fauci know what “common sense” means?

Look, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — I just don’t think that masks are all that effective. That’s not only because cloth masks aren’t all that effective against an aerosolized virus, but because people can be pretty disgusting. Just go to a public bathroom and watch how many people don’t bother to wash their hands. It’s gross. If you can’t get 100% buy-in on that most basic level of hygiene, how in the hell are you going to make sure everyone is using a clean mask with clean hands? Hell, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the damned dirty masks were a vector of spread!

I’ll tell you what is actually “common sense” — taking precautions with the most vulnerable and letting the rest of us live our freaking lives.

Or, you know, perhaps instead of implementing the same ineffective strategies to deal with this virus we could maybe learn from what we’ve been doing in the past year and actually “follow the science.”

But if we did that, then the teachers’ unions and the COVIDictators who are addicted to their power would suddenly lose it. And you can’t have that.

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