WATCH: Ted Cruz Lays Out What REALLY Happened On Jan 6… In His Own Words

Written by Wes Walker on January 26, 2021

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Instead of arm-chair psychoanalysts reading Republican motives for objecting to certification, how about we let the man speak for himself? The deliberating, the precedents, and the actual intent of Ted Cruz’s motion?

After weeks of media spin-doctoring, the only question many leftists still wonder about is how many ropes they should bring for the gallows. But real life doesn’t fit quite so neatly into their boxes.

Ted Cruz sits down for his first show with Michael Knowles of this year, and there’s a lot of ground to cover. After the small talk about Ted’s 50th birthday, and Knowles’ newborn son, they get into the details of events as they unfolded in that first week of January concerning certification of the votes. He takes time to explain why simply asking to affirm or overturn the votes seemed like a choice between to bad options, and his process of considering past precedent as a guide for the present circumstance.

After laying that out, he gives an eyewitness perspective of what the chaos in DC looked like to someone in Congress when the fit hit the shan.

He specifically mentions being hunkered down in a secure location, wondering what went wrong while Jake Tapper was slandering them as the ‘sedition caucus’… as though that was somehow less inflammatory language than anything they are accusing Trump of saying.

Specific data has shot the official media narrative all to hell, but they’re still running with it anyway because it serves their political purposes of demonizing and silencing their ‘enemy’.

They contend that Trump personally, and what Jake has slandered as the ‘sedition caucus’ were the direct cause of what has come to be called the DC Riot. It would be a waste of breath to try to explain the difference between correlation and causation. Jake really isn’t that bright.

The fact that the chaos in DC was premeditated is not relevant to the accusers. The fact that agitators in the group included some opponents of Trump who were explicitly trying to inflame tensions and escalate violence between right and left is not relevant to the accusers.

What matters to them, more than any other point, is a narrative that links the lawful political events of that day (Republicans formally objecting to certification exactly as Democrats have done for multiple Republican Presidents) to the violence that spilled into the Capitol.

Ted Cruz, Michael Knowles, ClashDaily, and others are trying to set the record straight.

Big Tech and the Leftist Press are doing their damnedest to ‘rewrite history’ as the ‘victors’.

Will Americans let them get away with it? That remains to be seen.

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