SELF-OWN: Andrew Cuomo Blames Government Incompetence For Virus Deaths (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on January 27, 2021

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What will Cuomo possibly do when he no longer has a Republican President to blame for his various failures?

In a spectacular display of a lack of any self-awareness, Cuomo launches into yet another self-own.

In the middle of proclaiming that his statement ‘isn’t a Republican or Democrat thing’, and spewing warm and fuzzy platitudes about having solutions, rather than spin, Cuomo explicitly holds Trump uniquely responsible for New York having a higher per capita death rate 218/100k than any single country in the entire world… even leaving behind Belgium which has the highest count at 1812/million or 181 per 100k. Only New Jersey has a higher rate per 100k.

His own state of NY, together with NJ and a few other worst offenders are actually INFLATING the total mortality rate and making the whole country look worse in the international standings. Sorry to burst your bubble, Andy, but that’s a State Leadership problem, not a Donald Trump problem.

That won’t stop him from doing what he does best — blame-shifting.

[In related news, did you notice the not-so subtle shift in reporting? MSLSD doesn’t have the Covid death clock up anymore — they’ve replaced it with the much more sunny and optimistic Vaccinations administered clock… for some inexplicable reason.]

Here’s Andrew taking a break from finger-wagging on his brother’s network to do some of it over on MSNBC.

Trump didn’t order nursing homes to accept COVID-positive patients for care. Nursing homes. It would have been simpler and more humane to just skip the middle-man and send in a team of trained assassins.

To the surprise of exactly NOBODY, (except, of course, the ‘scientific experts’) people in nursing homes got sick and died.

In fact, such a startling proportion of the deaths in New York happened in nursing homes that they changed the standards of how they reported that statistic. If someone caught it in a nursing home, but died elsewhere, it (conveniently) is no longer reported as a nursing home death.

Isn’t it interesting how he’s saying the country ‘hadn’t bought enough dosages’ of a vaccine that owes its very existence to the unprecedented achievements made possible by the Trump administration’s own ‘Operation Warp Speed’… for which he gives the outgoing President precisely ZERO credit.

Notice how Cuomo is quick to cast blame, and take credit for things that go well, while being slow to accept responsibility or give credit where others do well.

That tells you everything you need to know about his yammering about ‘people wanting truth’.

Does the public want the truth? A lot of them do.

Does Andrew Cuomo want the unvarnished truth to go public?

We all know the real answer to that question, don’t we?

Want the truth? No, not if it gets in the way of reelection or climbing that ladder to even HIGHER office in the future. Many believe Cuomo s gunning for Joe’s job someday.

God help us all.

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