Richard Grenell Claims ‘She’ Will Be ‘Shadow President’ … And He Did NOT Mean Kamala

Written by Wes Walker on January 18, 2021

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Richard Grenell has stepped up as someone not afraid to shine a harsh light on any DC swamp creatures… and that includes the power players and mucky-mucks.

With Biden looking to kick off what will effectively become Obama’s third term in office, he’s getting the band back together.

Theories are already floating around as to who will really be running the show… because Quid Pro Joe is a lot of things, but ‘leadership material’ isn’t one of them.

Hell, he doesn’t even seem to know his own mind half the time, he’s too busy licking his finger and testing the winds of political opinion.

With the Senate at such an even split, Kamala will be too busy keeping the plates spinning there to be running the show anywhere else.

But that leaves room for another blast from the past to step into the gap.

“I think you need to watch Susan Rice very closely,” he said on “Sunday Morning Futures.” “She will be the shadow president.”

Grenell called Biden’s pick “interesting” considering Rice has no experience in domestic policy but nonetheless will be “incredibly influential” under the new administration.

Having served in the Obama administration as national security adviser, Rice already understands the “entire apparatus,” Grenell said.

“I think the reality is, she’s going to be running foreign policy, domestic policy,” he said. “She’s probably extremely happy that Kamala Harris is going to be preoccupied with the Senate… and won’t have a lot of time to get into policy issues.”

…”We saw him raise his hand during the Democratic primary for some really radical ideas,” he said. “The progressives have clearly taken over him… And Susan Rice being right there at the White House to be the shadow president is probably exactly where she wants to be.” –FoxNews

This is the same chica who ran from one Sunday show to another trying to convince us all that Benghazi was NOT an orchestrated attack against an American target, but that it was actually a spontaneous mob uprising in response to incendiary and provocative —

Well isn’t that an interesting coincidence?

She’s a perfect fit for this crowd of power-mad political hacks, but isn’t exactly the kind of leader you’d want the young ladies in your life to grow up to be.

Nope. For that, you’re much better off putting examples like these in their young and impressionable hands.

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