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Hey Hunters: Biden’s Delivering Bad News For You Right Out Of The Gate

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Biden, like so many typical politicians, ‘cares’ about what his backers are passionate about, and to hell with anyone and anything else.

You need look no further than the outdoorsman and farmers who value the Second Amendment.

Joe has the kneejerk reaction that any gun that can’t fit in a glove box, isn’t a shotgun, or isn’t wooden and bolt-action should be denounced as a ‘weapon of war’.

If they were still among us, more than a few WWI veterans would love to set him straight with a discussion about the M1903 Springfield, but that’s a whole other conversation.

The bias against sportsman, hunters, and folks like farmers who use firearms as a tool for doing their job protecting their animals from predators as much as for self-defense or hunting leads big-city permanent politicians to run off and make sweeping decisions that unnecessarily micromanage the lives and livelihoods of people they never met.

One example is the executive order expected to be issued that re-establishes grey wolves as an endangered species.

Among the list of agency actions to be looked at are two controversial rules that loosened restrictions for America’s hunters and farmers — one removing the gray wolf from the List of Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and the other removing 2015 regulatory provisions that prohibited certain sport hunting practices “otherwise permitted by the State of Alaska” in its 10 national preserves.

…Farmers say reducing wolf numbers would help keep their livestock safe from now-routine attacks. They had previously faced a felony if they had tried to kill the wolves to protect their animals.

The wolves, listed as an endangered species in 1978 and as a “threatened” species in Minnesota, would continue to be monitored for five years under the rule. More than 2,000 now occupy six states in the Pacific Northwest and Northern Rockies. –FoxNews

What rules would Biden be reversing? The ones put in place last July:

The new rule, announced this week by the National Park Service and shared in the Federal Register, would allow for the hunting of black bears – including sows and cubs – at their den sites, while also giving hunters the option of using bait, artificial lights and hunting dogs. The more relaxed regulations also allow for the hunting of “wolves and coyotes (including pups) during the denning season,” and “taking swimming caribou” or “taking caribou from motorboats under power,” among other things.

The previous restriction had been put into place under the Obama administration in 2015. However, less than two months after President Trump took office, Ryan Zenke, then the secretary of interior, signed one of the first orders aiming to expand recreational access to hunters and fishermen, hoping to “enhance conservation stewardship, increase outdoor recreation, and improve the management of game species and their habitat.”

This week’s ruling not only reverses the Obama-era restrictions, but also defers the management of the state’s wildlife to Alaska, except where prohibited by federal law.

…Despite the backlash from these and other groups, the NPS’s recent ruling is reportedly supported by Alaskan lawmakers and local hunting groups, largely for allowing the state to manage its own wildlife, according to the Anchorage Daily News.

The Tanana Chiefs Conference, an organization representing 42 of Alaska’s Native American tribes, has also voiced its support. In a statement shared with CBS News, Victor Joseph, the chief and chairman of the conference, said the previous regulations threatened their way of life by disregarding “rural Alaska’s dependence on wild food resources.” –Foxnews

Take power authority away from the federal responsibility and devolve it to the state?

No wonder they’re so upset about this, the quickest way to get a Democrat angry is to come between them and infinite power over the lives of mere citizen-subjects.

Yes, that said ‘subjects’. That IS how they see us, isn’t it?

If not, you’d think they would conduct themselves differently.

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