Kenosha Cop Who Shot Jacob Blake Will NOT Face Charges — City Braces For Unrest

Written by Wes Walker on January 6, 2021

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The left only riots whenever the government isn’t giving them what they want… and guess who didn’t get what they want? Buckle up, Kenosha. Get ready for round 2.

The shooting of Jacob Blake became an example of a cause celebre among certain BLM rioters as proof positive that police are vicious killers intent on systematically snuffing out the lives of unsuspecting black men.

The shooting that left him paralyzed led to riots that turned much of Kenosha into a smoking ash heap.

Here is the short version of the announcement… neither Jacob Blake, nor the officers involved in the video, will face any charges for the events of that day.

Kenosha County District Attorney Michael Graveley found officer Rusten Sheskey acted in self-defense while responding to a domestic dispute last Aug. 23 and shooting Jacob Blake seven times at close range, saying Blake was armed with a knife and had resisted arrest, withstanding multiple Taser shots.

… “This is an expression of our deep suffering,” said Caliph Muab’El, a Black minister, as he rode along in a car behind the marchers. “I wasn’t surprised by the decision. It’s a perpetuation of the same old, same old that we see in this country.”

…“Everybody has seen the video. And so from their perspective, they have tried this case, at their computer screen or in their living room. As a professional, I am called upon to talk about how to try this case, in a real jury room in a real court,” Gravely said.

Blake refused police commands to drop the knife, which Graveley said gave Sheskey the right to self-defense. As Sheskey made a final attempt to detain the man, Blake turned and thrust the knife toward Sheskey, an act blocked on the video by the car door and another officer, investigators said.

Sheskey fired seven times until Blake dropped the knife, a justified number and in accordance with police training, said former Madison Police Chief Noble Wray, who had been named by the Wisconsin Department of Justice to review the investigation.

A reasonable person wants a dispassionate process to proceed in which due process and the objective facts of the evidence dictate the outcome.

The ideological descendants of Robespierre’s Reign Of Terror, on the other hand, want the process to agree with the conclusions they have broadcast to the court of public opinion, without any interest in the objective facts of evidence.

If they think someone is guilty, anything less than the accused’s head on a plate is a miscarriage of justice; likewise, they demand the full acquittal of someone they determine is innocent — facts be damned.

The minister’s quote about ‘same old same old’ shines a light on the real heart of the problem here. There is so much partisan distrust and ‘us-vs-them’ thinking that even if evidence is put forward that exonerates a police officer, it is dismissed as a miscarriage of justice, for no more compelling reason than it being a fatal interaction between a black man and a cop.

Such thinking has already set us down a dangerous road.

For proper context, here is the full version of the press conference with the DA explaining the reasons behind that decision.

The right decision and the popular decision are often at odds. It takes a certain amount of moral courage to make the hard call.

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