POLICE STATE: What TSA Did With A Trump Supporter Will Make Your Blood Boil

Written by Wes Walker on January 30, 2021

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You know that part of the anthem where we sing ‘land of the free and home of the brave’? We’re well down the road in the process of reimagining that ‘free’ part.

You know those First Amendment freedoms, about peaceable assembly? Trump wasn’t the only one our government was ready to play fast and loose with. At present, while the Capitol is swarming with National Guards, we’re seeing some really odd surveillance of citizens who have not been charged with having committed any crimes.

If the details of a story Jack Prosobiec shared are accurate, America is in worse shape than we thought.

A few pundits, like Dennis Prager, who have been concerned that the events on January 6th could be leveraged the very same way a certain group of 1930s German politicians leveraged the Reichstag Fire to eliminate their political competition are increasingly looking like they might be onto something.

We will include the text of the alleged incident which — for lack of any identifying information — we can neither confirm nor disprove.

The credibility of the story, and whether anyone else claims to have had similar experiences, we will leave to those who have more direct knowledge of the events.

The original text is here, and has been saved to the ‘WayBack Machine’ site if it gets deleted. It reads as follows:

This past week I travelled to Mexico for a planned trip with my daughter. When I tried to check in for my American Airline flight I was held at the gate, told I was being screened by TSA and would not be able to make my flight because of it. I was put on a later flight after going through a very intensive TSA screening. I thought it was just random bad luck. I finally arrived, had a lovely week with my daughter and attempted to fly home. I was again held at the check i counter of United airlines for extra screening but did make my scheduled flight. I arrived in Newark NJ last night and proceeded to passport control, as I have done numerous times in the past with absolutely no issues, and was stopped at immigration and told I needed to follow them into the back room and be interviewed/interrogated. At this point I am beyond upset (I’m a tax-paying, law-abiding American with absolutely no record) and asked curtly what is going on??? (They also took my adult daughter in for questioning.) The officer informed me that due to facial recognition I have been flagged as a participant in the DC domestic terrorist attack on the capitol and they needed to question me!!!! I WAS SHOCKED. I told them I did travel to DC on Jan 5th to attend the rally and to listen to the President BUT I was absolutely nowhere near where the incident occurred and how is it possible for me to be associated at all with the few radicals that went into the capitol when the majority of the people at the rally were peaceful and respectful? Are we as Americans no longer allowed the right to assemble? Thankfully the officer was very nice and after my initial shock I was able to answer his questions calmly and we were let go. Only on my way home did I realize the reality of what had just happened. I had been flagged by my government as a potential domestic terrorist simply because I attended a rally in support of the President and if the officer hadn’t been a nice man– they literally could have held me indefinitely and there would have been absolutely nothing I could have done. I am putting this out there because I am wondering if this has happened to…

…anyone else and if so how did they get off this “list” and most importantly I am asking –have we ever been the land of the free or has it all been an illusion? Is that why Trump was so hated? did he try to pull the curtain back and expose the people behind it? TIA

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