AMERICA LAST: School Board Prioritizes Scrubbing History Over Resuming In-Person Classes

Written by Wes Walker on January 28, 2021

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Some school districts, alarmed by serious impacts shutdowns have had on students (including suicides), one Left Coast school board has much loftier priorities.

You see, appeals to emotion are nothing more than a lever they use on the sheeple and easily cowed politicians to achieve a political goal.

We’ve all seen how they love to trot out some doe-eyed schoolkid when it’s time to talk about labor disputes, haven’t we…?

That’s the one.

Been done so often it’s a cliché, even in the Simpsons world. But when there is actual harm to children in play, those same arguments about the wellbeing of children fall on deaf ears.

As Tom Cotton so succinctly put it…

What woke windmills are the historical revisionists tilting at this time? That vote about renaming San Francisco schools just passed.

The San Francisco school board has voted to strike the names of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln from the district’s institutions, it was revealed Tuesday.

The former presidents were among the historical figures deemed by the board members to have ties to racism or have ‘dishonorable legacies’ in a 6-1 vote, which will see 44 San Francisco Unified School District schools forced to change their names.

…Among the other names on the newly banned list are Francis Scott Key, who wrote the words to the national anthem; former presidents William McKinley, James Garfield, James Monroe and Herbert Hoover; Revolutionary War hero Paul Revere; and author Robert Louis Stevenson.

Even current senator Dianne Feinstein’s name did not escape the chopping block, as the first female mayor of San Francisco and lifelong Democrat became the only living person whose name was noted for removal. — DailyMail

That’s right. The all-devouring left has already begun to turn on itself. Even a sitting Democrat senator didn’t avoid the ax.

But it’s just harmless tokenism, right? Not exactly ‘harmless’. It does come at a price…

As well as the lack of focus given to school reopenings, the $400,000 price tag to replace the signage at all the schools was also criticized in light of the district’s budget deficit.

The price could rise to more than $1million to include new uniforms and gymnasium floors while the budget deficit could reach $75 million next school year. — DailyMail

Who’s going to pay the highest price for this ‘progressive’ ambition and empty virtue signaling?

The students. Of course.

Meanwhile, Biden is looking for ways to reward these chuckleheads by making school choice available to fewer and fewer people. Despite the fact that the people who could gain the most from it are the very underprivileged students he professes concern for.

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