So, What Happened In Those Georgia Runoffs, Anyway?

Written by Wes Walker on January 6, 2021

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With Democrats desperate to capture all three branches of government, they were going for broke in this Georgia runoff election. What do we know in the clear light of the following day?

Two Senate seats were up for grabs in the already hotly-contested battleground state of Georgia, where innumerable concerns about the authenticity of the November 2020 results are still swirling in the public consciousness.

The allegedly Republican Governor and Secretary of State dropped an ‘October surprise’ just before elections with a recorded phone call between them and the President. Doubtless, this was one of the reasons Republican voter turnout was lower than expected.

In that hour-long phone call, Trump made his case point-by-point why he believed that there were any number of combinations of disqualifying and/or sketchy circumstances that would easily exceed the total needed to challenge Joe Biden’s presumptive lead in the ballot count, and validate Trump’s request that the Governor officially decertify the Georgia election result.

Audio of that phone call was leaked about a day or two ahead of the election, which was cited out of context to imply that Trump was attempting, by some method, to illegally influence the election outcome.

Catch the full context of that phone call which we covered here: WAPO Misled About What Trump Said On The Raffensperger Call — Here’s The FULL Audio

As it has been often said, ‘socialism was on the ballot’… with boatloads of money dumped into Georgia from the coasts who were salivating at the opportunity of flipping this state.

The circumstances that cast doubt on the election back in November have by no means been resolved. Constitutional Law Prof Puts Georgia Runoff Officials On BLAST Over Lack Of Transparency

With ‘socialism on the ballot’ did it win?

It’s early yet, and it remains to be seen what challenges (if any) will be made in the next few days… but in at least one of the races, it did. And the other race is still ‘too close to call’ with the tenative results telling us the Republican is trailing.

Warnock has claimed victory in his race (but Loeffler has not yet conceded), and Ossof’s race is still too close to count.

If both of those races DO eventually go to the Democrats, the Senate will be a perfect 50/50 split. Tiebreaker will go to the Veep.

All eyes turn to the confirmation process to see where that drama takes us.